Ever wondered just how tall Prince Charles is, what elevation the Queen is and also whether william or take care of is taller? Here’s exactly how the royal family members measure up and also what their height says around them.

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It’s safe to say the there’s a real mix of heights within the royal line the succession. V Prince William and also Prince Harry standing lot taller than the monarch in the height video game – thanks in component to Prince Charles and Diana’s comparable measurements.

Then there’s the addition of the tall Duchess the Cambridge, whose included height advantage suggests that Prince George can be among the Queen’s great-grandchildren that can stand – rather literally – head and shoulders over the rest.

How high is Prince Charles?

Prince Charles is 5ft 10 inches high (1.78m). The Prince that Wales is taller than his present wife Camilla, yet was the same height as his ex-wife, Princess Diana.

An article on The culture Pages says efforts to be made to make him look at taller 보다 the so late Princess Diana both before and after their St Paul’s Cathedral based wedding.

Professor Lisa wade wrote, “When Charles and also Diana to be posed together formally, however, lock were commonly arranged so as to suggest the he was substantially taller 보다 her, or at the very least to disguise the truth that he to be not.”


Prince Charles and also ex-wife Princess Diana were the exact same height. (Credit: Georges De Keerle/Getty Images)

Body language expert and also psychologist Judi James adds that while having a taller male in a partnership is much less of an worry now, the would have been something human being noticed back in the eighties once the couple married.

“It’s probably much less of a difficulty now but the rule constantly used to be that the guy should be taller than the mrs in a relationship. And also we witnessed Diana overcompensating with Charles by wearing level shoes and even hunching over at times as she walked.

“The male ego is tightly connected to sex-related performance and perhaps the believed was to protect against anything that could make him feel weaker or inferior.”

In contrast, Prince Charles’ present wife, the Duchess the Cornwall is smaller sized by to compare – standing in ~ 5ft 8. However you’ll hardly ever see Camilla attract anything greater than two-inch heels. For this reason as no to tower end her imperial husband.


Prince Charles is higher than existing wife Camilla, Duchess that Cornwall (Credit: chris Jackson-WPA Pool/Getty Images)

How tall is the Queen?

Queen Elizabeth II was standing at simply 5ft 3 inch (1.63m). And whilst she can be the most powerful of the bunch, she’s absolutely the smallest member in the imperial Firm. I beg your pardon is why you’ll commonly see the 94-year-old monarch wearing brightly coloured clothing as she demands to for sure she stands the end in a crowd.

According to the Queen’s biographer, Robert Hardman, she as soon as revealed, “I can never stay beige due to the fact that nobody will understand who ns am. But, by put on colour human being can say, ‘I saw the Queen’.”


Credit: Getty

Body expert Judi claims the Queen has spent years producing the impression of height through other optical illusions:

“The Queen is a little bit like Margaret Thatcher in this one respect, the you intend both women to be higher in genuine life,” Judi explains. “This optical illusion comes from the sort of really upright posture the the Queen and Thatcher had ago in the day and the truth that castle were hardly ever seen close to various other people because of your positions and also power. The Queen’s regal bearing does develop an impression of height.”

How tall was Prince Philip?

The Queen’s husband-of- 73-years, Prince Philip, was much taller 보다 her – measuring 6ft (1.83m).

Rumour has actually it she Majesty was attracted come the so late Prince Phillip’s height and “masculinity”.

According to imperial commentator, Lady Colin Campbell, the duke of Edinburgh “exuded masculinity indigenous every pore”.

Writing in she book, The Queen’s Marriage, she said, “Philip’s masculinity, i m sorry I can tell you to be potent in person, set him apart. It was akin to the of Sean Connery at the elevation of his fame as James Bond.”


The duke of Edinburgh was significantly taller 보다 his mam Queen Elizabeth. (Credit: Tim Graham/Getty Images)

And Judi claims it’s in our nature as human beings to be attracted to the strongest species to mate with.

“It’s not always true the women are attracted to higher men. Yet nature does market us the attraction worths of a taller and stronger make to girlfriend with.”

She adds, “I believe the Queen to be impressed through Philip’s capability to jump end the tennis nets on their an initial meeting. One of the Queen’s an excellent loves is horses so there had to be a connect there as she was admiring his long legs!”

How tall is Prince William?

At 6ft 3 (1.91m), Prince william is the tallest member that the royal family. Which appears fitting because that our future King.

Judi says elevation does still have actually an “alpha effect” in society, leading civilization to to trust those leader who room taller.

She said, “Animal groups often feel more secure as soon as they have actually an alpha leader to save the peace, also though it method they will certainly be subservient to that alpha.

“Humans have probably become conditioned through background to watch some form of security in having actually a tall leader and also it might stem native the days once kings and leaders were meant to lead the hit in wars and also battles.

“We likewise equate greater space with status and taller human being do often tend to obtain that power gap about them. Castle are more visible and also their height in a social, networking group, will certainly make everyone else look up at them physically, boosting their signals of power.”

Whilst william is at this time the tallest royal, fans have actually predicted that his boy Prince George might one work outgrow him. Particularly with the eight-year-old already standing at about 4ft.


Prince William v Prince George, who might one day be taller 보다 his royal dad.(Credit: Eamonn McCormack – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

How high is the Duchess that Cambridge?

Kate Middleton is 5ft 9in (1.75m) – 3 inches taller 보다 her counterpart, Meghan Markle.

With rumours of recurring rivalry between the pair, Judi states Catherine’s height could be seen as an advantage.

She explains, “Being taller in the scenario, wherein there are also rumours that rifts can give some advantage. Harry and also William are both tall and also in Catherine’s eye-line, definition she could find it less complicated to stay in the team in regards to sharing that elevated space.

“Meghan, top top the various other hand, might possibly have needed to entice that attention at times. It also seemed to median that Meghan wore heels a lot and they will always be more an overwhelming to manage in society groups.”


Kate Middleton is taller 보다 Meghan Markle. (Credit: Getty)

The Duchess of Cambridge’s height way her heel elevation of choice tends to be about 3.5 inches. In she favourite Rupert Sanderson heels, she frequently measures simply over 6ft.

And as for 6-year-old Princess Charlotte, who Prince William claimed is just like Kate Middleton – the is thought she’ll be of comparable standing to she mum.

How high is Prince Harry?

Prince harry is 6ft 1 high (1.86m). This makes him 2 inches much shorter than brothers William yet four inches above the average elevation for a male in the UK.

Psychologist, Timothy A referee of the university of Florida, states his tall height will aid him feel much more confident on royal engagements.

“The process of literally ‘looking under on others’ may cause one to be an ext confident,” he told the American Psychologist Association.

“Similarly, having others ‘looking as much as us’ may instill in tall people an ext self-confidence.”


Credit: Getty

How tall is Meghan Markle?

According to an old acting CV, the Duchess of Sussex stands at 5ft 6 (1.68m). This is three inches taller than the typical woman.

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Although she taller than average, Meghan is still one of the smaller sized members that the royal family.

Judi explains, “Being small in a social group means you are literally being looked under on.
hich can suggest visual images or feeling of inferiority.”