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Insider has actually been conducting a recurring poll through SurveyMonkey Audience top top a nationwide sample to discover out how different candidate"s constituencies overlap. Us ask world whether lock are familiar with a candidate, whether they would be solve or unsatisfied through that candidate as nominee, and sometimes we likewise ask even if it is they think that human being would win or shed in a general election versus President Donald Trump.

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Read more about just how we"re polling this here.

What space Pete Buttigieg"s plan positions?

Onhealthcare:On immigration:Onclimate change:Wants the us to be carbon neutral through 2050.Wants the united state to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, and was one of more than 400 American mayors to authorize a pact to proceed adhering come the global pact after Trump pulled the united state out of the in 2017.On campaign finance:On abortion:OnLGBTQ rights:On education:Onguns:On criminal justice reform:Supports remove incarceration for drug possession, obligated minimum sentencing, and private prisons.Supports abolishing the death penalty, legalizing marijuana, and "ban the box" — prohibiting employers from asking around an job applicant"s criminal document until later on in the process.Ontrade: On Native American rights:On foreign policy: support repealing and replacing the 2001 congressional authorization for the use of military force.In favor of recommitting to the Obama administration"s Iran atom deal and the Paris Climate Accord.In donate of cut US aid to Israel if it increases its territory right into the West Bank.On taxes:On democracy reform:During the 2nd round that primary disputes in July, Buttigieg said it would certainly not be as difficult as countless think come make far-reaching constitutional reforms like abolishing the Electoral College and make structural revolutionary to the supreme Court prefer packing on an ext justices."This is a country that once adjusted its structure so you couldn"t drink and readjusted it ago because we changed our minds, and also you"re informing me we can"t revolutionary our democracy in our time," he said. "We need to or we will certainly be having the same argument two decades from now"On social security net:Supports raising the minimum wage to $15

What are Pete Buttigieg"s plan successes?

Where go Pete Buttigieg poll best?

Based top top the 12 polls performed by Insider since late August, we have the right to gather a feeling of the geographical regions wherein candidates are overperforming when it comes to how satisfied voters would be if lock were chosen as the presidential nominee. Though the first four primaries are in the western Midwest, brand-new England, the southern Atlantic and also Mountain regions, the four regions the allocate the mass of the delegates to the autonomous National Convention room the southern Atlantic (16%), Pacific (16%), Mid-Atlantic (16%) and also Eastern Midwest (15%).

Voters in brand-new England were most satisfied with Buttigieg together a candidate at a rate of 5.7 portion points over various other regions. He additionally does well in the Western southern (+3.5 percent points) and also Western Midwest (+4.3 percent points). That polls worst in the MidAtlantic an ar (-5.3 portion points) and Eastern south (-4.6 percentage points).


Ruobing Su/Business Insider

How is Pete Buttigieg viewed by different wings that the democratic party?

Buttigieg does especially well among those who figured out as moderately liberal. That underperforms his polling amongst Democratic major voters who don"t identify as free or conservative, and barely win it among the left and the contempt liberal wing.


Ruobing Su/Business Insider

How much money walk Pete Buttigieg raise?

Buttigieg"s campaign reported that it raised around $600,000 from 22,000 donors in simply over 24 hours adhering to the candidate"s march CNN town hall. Buttigieg announced in mid-March the he got to the 65,000 donor threshold to get involved in the first Democratic main debate.

Buttigieg"s campaign raised over $7 million from nearly 160,000 donors in the first quarter that 2019, and also $24.8 million native 294,000 donors in the 2nd quarter — more than any type of other 2020 candidate. In the third quarter that 2019, he raised $19.1 million.

How is Pete Buttigieg regarded by voters compared to the competition?

Insider has conducted a number of other polls to check in on exactly how these candidates are viewed in comparison to one another. Once we asked respondent to one poll to rank how far to the left or come the appropriate they thought about the candidates, Buttigieg to be generally taken into consideration to it is in one the most centrist candidates in the field. Given his absence of nationwide platform it"s unsurprising to check out he was viewed as is amongst the least experienced candidates int the ar by far when we asked respondents to rank the candidates based upon how all set they room for the rigors the the presidency given what lock knew around theirhistory of windy service and experience v government. However, when asked just how likable or personable respondents regarded the candidates come be, Buttigieg come in 2nd place behind just Joe Biden.

Could Pete Buttigieg have actually beat chairman Trump?

Referring back to Insider"s recurring poll, Buttigieg is on-par with various other Democrats as soon as it pertains to the perception of electability, i beg your pardon is yes, really something because that the market of a tiny Midwestern college down.

How did democratic voters feel around Pete Buttigieg"s qualifications?

Insider has carried out polling about how voters feel around candidate qualities or qualifications. We asked respondents around a perform of feasible qualifications and also if they do them much more likely or less likely to poll for a candidate because that president.

For example, among respondents who stated they"d vote in the democratic primary, 19% stated a candidate gift a college professor make them likelier to assistance them, if 4% said it made them less likely to, because that a +15% net favorability. We have the right to then see how various candidates" resumes ridge up contrasted to those preferences.

Attributes perceived as most an useful include his released taxes returns (+43%), him gift multi-lingual (+25%), period 50 or younger (+23%), a son of immigrants (+21%), armed forces veteran (+17%), market (+15%), Rhodes scholar (+12%) and also his Ivy league education and learning (+7%).

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Attributes considered to it is in a liability based upon the preferences of self-reported autonomous voters encompass his previous as a management consultant (-18%), that he has actually spent tiny time in government (-22%) and that he flourished up well-off (-42%).