While most human being from various parts of the people have started accepting members of the LGBTQ+ community, it is still is not straightforward feat to be black, gay, loud and proud. EJ Johnson is all of these things. He resides his life on the public eye and has competent the double-edged sword that is fame.

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Who is EJ Johnson?

EJ is the 2nd son of Magic Johnson and his mother's very first and only organic son. He to be born in 1992 shortly after Magic was diagnosed through HIV. His parents were worried that their son can have contracted the disease, however luckily, both mother and also child tested an adverse for the incurable illness.

He has actually an older fifty percent brother, Andre Johnson and also younger sister, Elisa. Andre is indigenous Magic's previous connection with Melissa Mitchell, and their sisters was adopted three year after EJ was born. Earvin learned at brand-new York University, wherein he gone after a level in event Planning and Hospitality.

EJ Johnson load loss

During the very first and second seasons the The Rich youngsters of Beverly Hills, EJ talked around his weight a lot. He lived in LA, and also all his friends were physically fit. ~ above the finale of the second season that the fact show, the star revealed that he would certainly be experience a gastric sleeve surgery.


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In this procedure, physicians remove a substantial component of your stomach. The patients room left with around a tenth of their original stomach. This smaller stomach help one minimize the quantity of food they can ingest and keeps castle from gaining hungry.

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After undergoing this procedure, Earvin lost fifty percent of his body load from 163 kilograms to around 82 kilograms. He later revealed that now, instead of having actually three big meals, he has resulted in having actually smaller meals transparent the day. The also settled with a trainer and wanted to maintain the brand-new weight.

Now, almost five year later due to the fact that the procedure, EJ has ongoing to maintain a slim figure. The has obtained some weight from his 2015 weight, however he still looks fantastic.

EJ Johnson height

To anyone wonder 'How high is EJ Johnson?', the socialite is rather tall. That stands at 6 feet 2 inches. Despite his stature, that is constantly in heels. Earvin is often photographed in heeled boots that range from about two inch to very high stilettos.


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ejjohnsonSource: Instagram

EJ Johnson age

The truth star was born in 1992, and also he is at this time 28 year old (as the

EJ Johnson garments line

In 2017, ~ his display EJNYC gained canceled, the reality star entertained the idea of beginning a fashion line. That is no secret that he is a really fashionable young guy who likes to rest fashion rules as used to gender. In his pictures, EJ is one of two people in a dress, a skirt or a cropped top. He likewise once wore the exact same lace dress choose Kim Kardashian.

His clothes line, had he started it, would have appealed to civilization not just in the gay and transgender communities yet to straight women together well. His androgynous feeling of layout appeals to a most people. Anyone that wishes to know an ext about Earvin's fashion sense deserve to follow the on Instagram and draw inspiration from his posts.


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EJ Johnson net worth

The child of basketball legend Magic Johnson has constantly led a privileged life. His father has a net worth of $600 million, and also thus, he and his sister lacked because that nothing in their Beverly Hills home. Today, EJ has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

He has made several of his income from special in reflects such as Rich kids of Beverly Hills, EJNYC, and also Fashion Police! amongst others.

Is EJ Johnson gay?

The life of a celebrity have the right to be hard, specifically when it comes to matters the privacy. Not only is there a are afraid of stalkers, but additionally they space constantly adhered to by paparazzi that wish to catch embarrassing and also private moment to market to the highest possible bidder.

EJ payment the price of gift in the celebrity world in 2013 as soon as TMZ to the human being as gay. In the video, the socialite was checked out holding hands v a man, who countless assumed to be his boyfriend.

Later in an interview v Gwissues, he declared that the guy in the video clip was his ideal friend. Earvin also admitted the he had already come out to his friends and also family once he was around 16 or 17-years old. His sister, Elisa, and also half-brother, Andre, were an extremely supportive of him.

His father, Magic, stated that he to be pleased and also supportive of his son when he came out. Follow to the basketball star, parents need to not choose who they desire their youngsters to be however instead, must love them. In an interview with Ellen Degeneres, that said,

You've got to support your child because there are so many civilization who shot to discriminate against them. They need you to it is in there for them. If friend don't, who is going to support them and also love them?

His mother, Cookie, top top the various other hand, had actually a hard time accepting the news. Gift a firm believer and also Christian, that was difficult for she to convey the Bible's teachings with the fact of her gay son. She took to prayer and eventually, she said that God told her to love and also accept her son no issue what.

In 2016, during an illustration of EJNYC, Earvin booked one appointment v a sex therapist. He had actually been questioning his identity, no only since of his feminine choice of garments but also because the Caitlyn Jenner shift story had made him inquiry himself.

Eventually, Earvin determined that that did not feel choose a woman, was comfortable in his very own body and also clothes and also did not need the transition.

EJ Johnson boyfriend

In 2018, in an illustration of Red Table Talk through Jada, willow Smith, and his mother, EJ described that although that puts himself the end there and is open to love, it is challenging for that to uncover a boyfriend. This is so due to the fact that many people shot to usage their relationships with him to acquire to his father.

EJ Johnson sister

Elisa Johnson is the younger sister come EJ and Andre Johnson. She is not related to any type of of the johnson by blood. Her parents, Cookie and Magic, adopted her in 1995. Regardless of this, she is really close to she family, many notably come EJ, she mother, and father.


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elisajohnsonSource: Instagram

She studied fashion organization at the Fashion institute of modern technology and was signed come Wilhelmina Models in 2017. She is likewise a brand ambassador for an excellent American, a clothing firm by Emma Grede and also Khloé Kardashian.

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EJ Johnson is proud of himself, his identity, and also is not afraid to present it. Through a good support device that contains his friends and family, that shall continue to openly and fearlessly represent the LGBTQ+ community.