Luis D Ortiz is a famous realtor and also reality star on Bravo’s Million disagreement Listing brand-new York. Aside from that, that has additionally proven self a worthy filmmaker.

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After all, that is what he assumed of doing as a child once he ran far from house at the age of 16. Lucky for the though, his debut work as a director winner him finest Direction in the Puerto Rico movie Festival earlier in 2007.

However, that’s not the career path he worked out on as flipping dwellings remained his main passion. Find out exactly how much louis D Ortiz’s network worth is today as well as his height, and also whether the is gay or not.


Luis D Ortiz network Worth.

After he decided to ask his career together a short film director, louis D Ortiz ventured into real estate. Initially, he taken on a couple of apartments and also rentals before going all out on residential homes. Moreover, he worked at brokerages choose Synergy, Prodigy Network, and also Keller Williams NYC as the evil President.


Luis D Ortiz with his ex-girlfriend Nikita and also with their daughter

Where is louis D Ortiz Now? What is the doing?

As we speak, Luis and also his amazing Vacation Rentals co-stars, Jo Franco and also Megan Batoon have actually just finished filming the 2nd season of your Netflix series. The three traveled to various parts that the world, visiting few of the ideal properties for rental. Moreover, a look in ~ Ortiz’s Instagram page also tells united state that he has actually been to teach himself just how to play the guitar for over a year now.

His wiki, Biography.

Luis D Ortiz to be born on November 13th, 1986, in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, which renders him 34-years old. Interestingly, he additionally has a twin brother named Daniel. The pair ran far from residence when they to be 16, leaving their mother, Mariam Berrios Sanchez, furious.

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Soon after, Ortiz attended the new York film Academy to research film direction in 2006. Since he had nowhere to crash, he spent most of his time crept up with a Jewish community. However, his breakthrough only came through the success the his short film, Amália. The remainder from there is history.

Name Luis D Ortiz
Net worth$16 million
ProfessionRealtor, television personality
BirthdateNovember 13th, 1986