Lt. Joe Kenda is an American retirement police detective lieutenant from Colorado Springs Police Department. He was also the star ofthe Investigation exploration television show ”Homicide Hunter.”


He was born on august 28, 1946, inHerminie, Pennsylvania, USA, together Joseph Patrick Kenda.

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Kenda flourished up in the west Pennsylvania city of Herminie.His father to be a coal miner.

He very first thought about a career in law enforcement approximately the period of10.

In 1964, Joe graduated from Greensburg central Catholic High School. After high school, he i graduated from the university of Pittsburgh with a B.A. In politics science.

In 1970, the earned a master’s level in worldwide relations from Ohio State University.

In 1973, Joe join the Colorado Springs Police Department.

In 1977, he was advocated to detective and assigned come the burglar division. Kenda to be assigned come the homicide division after he has actually solved a dual shooting.

In 1996, Lt. Kenda retired 3 years from the Colorado Springs Police Department.

From 1998 come 2008, he functioned as a impairment school bus operator.

Homicide Hunter

Starting 2011, the starred in Homicide Hunter, a crime documentary TV series that showcases Kenda’s previous cases. Joe stated for Men’s Journal around his an initial day that shooting at Homicide Hunter:

”On our very first day that shooting, castle handed me something. I looked in ~ it and said, “What’s that?” They stated it to be a script. I said, “I’m not an actor. Ns a policeman.” Lt. Kenda walk on come say: ”You want an actor? go hire one. I’ll gain on a plane and go earlier to Colorado.”

Former deputy sheriff Carl Marino portrayed younger Kenda.

The TV present had its best night ever (about 1.3 million viewers) top top November 12, 2013.

In might 2019, Joe announced that the nine season of Homicide Hunter would certainly be the last. It premiered on august 28, 2019.

Kenda explained about his decision to finish the show:

”I ended this program and I informed exploration that I would certainly be preventing after Season 9. The reason was quite simple.”

The retired police detective lieutenant added:


GettyKenda earned most of his wealth working together a police detective for 23 years and also for certification in 140 illustration of the Investigation discovery TV present ”Homicide Hunter.”

He also made some money from selling his publication ”I Will find You” (2017). In the book, the retired police detective lieutenant share never-before-revealed case files indigenous his career as a homicide detective.

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Therefore, retirement Colorado Springs Police department detective sublieutenant Joe Kenda has an estimated net precious of $1.5 million.

Joe once said around money: ”I have a basic policy around money. If I have actually it, I spend it. If ns don’t have actually it, ns don’t invest it. It’s no large deal.”

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