RAP icon Shad Gregory Moss, known best by his phase name Bow Wow, very first entered the music people when he was 13 year old. 

After launching some successful music albums he branched out right into the civilization of acting. Below are some interesting facts around the singer and actor.

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Bow Wow launched his farming career in the rap industry due to the fact that 2000Credit: Getty - Contributor

What happened with Bow Wow and the Millennium Tour?

The Millennium Tour began in 2019, headlined by Omarion. Starting in 2020, co-headliner Bow-Wow was introduced to the line-up.

The tour likewise features Ashanti, Ying Yang Twins, Lloyd, Sammie, quite Ricky and also Soulja Boy.

On October 16, 2021, Bow Wow took to Twitter come publicly case he might not it is in performing because that the rest of the tour, demanding an ext stage time.

His tweet reads: "Too lot b******g and also complaining on this tour! im bussn cat a***s EVERY NIGHT! Every night they try and complain and also take something away from me!

"I offer 1000% and yall understand it! ATL i HOPE YALL show TOGETHER! IMA BUSS YALL A*S because that 45 mins straight! shot ME!"

He complied with the initial tweet increase with: "Heres the truth! I carry out 15 min EVERY NIGHT!

"Only method i show up tonight if i execute my full set! right up!"

Bow Wow likewise went ~ above Instagram Live and his story to state that wasn't walk to carry out unless he gained a much longer time slot.

It appears the rapper functioned things out with Omarion, as he later on returned to Twitter adding that: "Just obtained off call w O. This evening gone it is in one because that the ages … i promise friend that! ns going CRAZY ns swear to god!"

How high is Bow Wow? 

According come The usually Man, the 34-years-old is 5’7 ft”.

He was listed as among the shortest rappers that dominated the music market with Eazy-E topping the list at a height of 5’3, follow to The usually Man.

Rappers who are the same elevation as Bow Wow incorporate DJ Khaled and also Pitbull. 

What is Bow Wow’s net worth? 

Thanks to his superior career as an American rapper and also actor, Bow Wow reportedly has actually a network worth that $1.5 million, follow to Celebrity net Worth.

In 2018, his net worth was $2.5 million, according to Celeb Worth as he made $1 million per year.

In 2016, he hosted the Australian show RnB Friday NightsCredit: Getty images - Getty

He retirement from rapping in 2016 at a time when he signed a attend to P. Diddy’s document label, poor Boy Records. 

Bow Wow explained to his pan at the moment that he want to emphasis on emerging his daughter Shai Moss’ career, according to HighsNobiety.

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What are several of his occupational achievements?

Bow Wow formerly known together Lil Bow Wow exit his first album referred to as “Beware that the Dog” at the age of 13 in 2000 that featured Snoop Dogg, topping lab charts and also selling over two million copies.

Up until 2016, he maintained on release albums v some topping charts and also attracting a large fanbase. 

But he also branched out right into the acting civilization where he an initial starred in 2002 in favor Mike and also had a notable duty in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. 


When he retirement from rapping, he explained that he want to focus on arising his daughter Shai Moss’ careerCredit: AFP