CMT’s flagship reality series Party under South is one abomination of west Civilization and the single most catalyst for the erosion of southern values and also the perpetuation of an adverse Southern stereotypes the has ever existed, all so Viacom have the right to rack up egregious profits off a media empire that nation music created, and also has due to the fact that been abandoned for reality TV filth.

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In just the two quick seasons the Party under South, the actors has accrued a laundry list of unlawful offenses. And no, we’re not simply talking around a couple of trumped increase pot charges and other crimes of questionable concern. We’re talk burglary, rape accusations, and also one cast member is even in problem for not making use of his hefty CMT salary on proper child support. “Safety concerns” also caused among the cast members, Taylor “Lil’ Bit” Wright, to quit the show.

Here’s a list of the legal offenses that members that the Party down South cast, at least the ones we know about at the moment.

Josh Murray – Felony boy Support Violation (January 2015)

Though most of the Party under South cast’s misdeeds gain reported by to chat websites and also such, perhaps the many embarrassing violation so far has unable to do glossed over, maybe on purpose. Even though CMT and also Viacom would never admit it, stories around the criminal habits of the Party down South cast can it is in a way to promote the present as us saw when Ryan “Daddy” Richards to be accused of rape (see below). However even CMT deserve to see how this offense would sully the call of the cast’s fuzzy-wuzzy tenderness giant.

The Louise, Mississippi native famed for acquiring naked in ~ a moment’s an alert on the display was incarcerated in ~ the Humphreys County, Mississippi jail for earlier owed boy support to the song of $14,000, which could result in felony charges. Murray to be taken right into custody ~ above January 7th, and remained incarcerated for multiple days at the Humphreys county Jail in Belzoni, Mississippi. Saving nation Music is still the only outlet to report this story.

Lyle Boudreaux – Drunk steering & Marijuana Possession (February 2015)

Lyle to be arrested because that a second time during his Party Down south tenure ~ above February 8th for drunk steering in brand-new Orleans. He to be arrested in ~ 8 PM and also refused a breathalyzer test. While being booked right into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center, marijuana was found on his person, leading to both a possession charge and a fee for pass drugs right into the jail. Boudreaux was eventually released on $4,000 bond.

Josh Murray – Drunk control & control on a Suspended license (November 2014)

Murray to be arrested in Rankin County, Mississippi top top November 15th and charged through DUI and driving through a exposed license. He currently had his license suspended native previous DUI charges. The charges can mean he can face far-ranging jail time and also have his patent suspended for 2 years, past whatever ultimate ramifications the his felony-level boy support hurt (see above).

Ryan “Daddy” Richards – Rape investigation (April 2014)

Famous because that being the beer funnel toter that the eight-person cast, Richards to be accused that raping a woman who partied through the cast in your Athens, GA location in April the 2014 during the taping of the 2nd season. The woman met the cast at a neighborhood bar, and also then ended up in the Athens, GA residence the display was tape-recorded in. The woman states she to be then handed an open up beer to drink, and that was the last she remembered till waking up naked in a bed under a sheet v a camera in she face.

Richards ended up being the main suspect in the investigation that remained mainly under wraps until July 31st, 2014 when numerous celebrity and tabloid sites ran stories around the incident, and also how police had discovered that after interviewing the cast and also crew the the show, and reviewing approximately 20 hours of footage taken on the set, the they did not have actually the evidence to charge Richards in the case. The release of information around the instance conveniently synchronized with the airing that the show’s illustration featuring the actors traveling come Cabo mountain Lucas.

Ryan Richards has actually not talked about any type of of the specifics of the accusations because it’s “a legit matter,” but he go tell RumorFix, “The allegations were so false that ns never even really lost any type of sleep end it to be moral with you.”

However there is proof to the contradictory of the Ryan Richards claims. The factor the situation was sought by police was since the accuser visited the hospital the work after spending the evening in the Athens, GA house, and also after being examined by clinical professionals, it was established there was proof of a sex-related assault. Ryan Richards is still listed as a “suspect” in the police report, however barring further proof or information, the instance is right now closed.

The day after the rape allegations to be revealed, among the cast members Taylor “Lil’ Bit” wright quit the show citing safety concerns and her religious beliefs. She had been in a relationship with Ryan “Daddy” Richards throughout the second season.


Mattie Breaux – Drunk driving / Warrants (May 2014)

24-year-old Mattie Breaux the Louisiana was want by police because that a bench warrant after she failed to show up in court as part of a pretrial hear in march of 2014. The hearing to be for a vault arrest because that driving when intoxicated in 2012. Breaux to be taping Season 2 of the reality show at the time of the hearing.

On Party under South, Breaux is well-known to have a turbulent, and also at times violent transform ego called “Martha” the comes out when she drinks also much. “Martha” was a focus of one of the show’s episodes in Season 1.

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Lyle Boudreaux – burglary of a automobile (February 2014)

Louisiana indigenous Lyle Boudreaux, to be arrested in Maurice, LA for burglary of a vehicle. According to police, while in ~ a Mardi Gras parade, Boudreaux discovered an unlocked car, rifled with a purse, and stole a credit card to money the night’s drinking. When he went to the 2nd bar ~ above the night and also tried to start an open tab, bartenders i found it the surname on the card and also alerted police. The 28-year-old Party down South star to be arrested, and also eventually released on $10,000 bond.