No one have the right to seem to number out how tall Tom Cruise is, at the very least officially. While it’s largely welcomed that Cruise is 5’7, there space moments as soon as he looks taller or shorter, depending on who he is standing following to. The confusion can have something to perform with the open mystery that Cruise provides height-enhancing insoles. When Tom Cruise’s height remains miscellaneous of a mystery, us do know that his three former wives have one point in common. Every one has actually been taller 보다 Cruise.

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Tom Cruise’s very first wife, Mimi Rogers, was taller than him

In the 1980s Cruise’s star to be on the rise. Quiet a relative unknown, he kept his exclusive life nice private. At least, the did until he wedMimi Rogersin a surprise ceremony in upstate brand-new York. Rogers and also Cruise were introduced in 1985 by mutual friends. According toIn Style, they decided to marry quickly, and the pair set out to execute so quietly. They acquired what castle wanted, yet the marital relationship was short-lived. They divorce in 1990.

Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers | Ron Galella/Ron Galella repertoire via Getty Images

Rogers was the very first of Cruise’s ex-wife and seemed to be the love interest that collection Cruise’s sample of marrying females taller 보다 him. Roger’s elevation is reported somewhere in between 5’8 and 5’10, with most publications generally accepting that she is around 5’9. In the few public photos of the pair together, she appears shorter than Cruise. Many agree the Rogers wore flats at large events, and also Cruise wore elevator to do him look at taller 보다 his wife.

Nicole Kidman to be the tallest of his wives

The height difference in between Rogers and Cruise was small enough to be practically invisible. The was not the situation with his 2nd wife,Nicole Kidman. Kidman, that is 5’11, often towered over the much shorter Cruise in publicly photos. The pair met shortly after his divorce indigenous Rogers to be finalized. Their relationship relocated quickly, and by the finish of 1990, they were married. 2 years later, they adopted their first child, Isabella Cruise. Their second child, Connor Cruise, join the household in 1994.

Nicole Kidman and also Tom Cruise | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc

The pair announced their separation in 2001 and haven’t looked back. Kidman has actually been married toKeith Urbansince 2008. Cruise has actually cycled through one more marriage since then, too. Kidman and Cruise, despite sharing 2 children, apparently have had virtually no call in the intervening years.

Tom Cruise’s height was dubbed into question as soon as he married Katie Holmes

After his really public divorce indigenous Kidman, he made decision to publicly declare his love forKatie Holmes. Holmes, renowned for her role inDawson’s Creek, was numerous years Cruise’s junior, however their romantic heated up easily regardless. The pair, who met in April 2005, announced their engagement in June 2005. The couple welcomed their daughter practically exactly one year after they met and were married in November 2006.

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Katie Holmes and also Tom Cruise | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

During their really public marriage, fans had a many questions aboutCruise’s height. Holmes showed up to be lot taller than her husband. In actuality, Holmes is 5’9. She seemed so lot taller 보다 Cruise since Holmes often wore heels, placing her closer to 6 feet than her organic height. Holmes and Cruise referred to as it quits top top their marital relationship in 2012.