Andrew Napolitano Biography

A aboriginal of Newark, Andrew Peter Napolitano is a former American premium Court Judge. He satellite on the new Jersey bench between 1987 and also 1995. Andrew resigned his place as a premium court referee in 1995, in stimulate to exercise privately. He would then later on pursue a job in writing and also television. He is at this time a political and also judicial analyst. Napolitano is the former political and an elderly judicial analyst for Fox News channel. The former judge commented on legit news and also trials. He is additionally a writer and also has published 5 books.

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Andrew Napolitano Age and Birthday

Napolitano is 71 year old in 2021. He was born on June 6, 1950, in Newark, new Jersey. He celebrate his birthday on the 6th of June every year.

Andrew Napolitano Height

Napolitano stands in ~ a height measurement that 5 feet and also 5 inches.

Andrew Napolitano

Andrew Napolitano Family

Napolitano is born to his father called Andrew Alexander.

Andrew Napolitano Nationality and Ethnicity

When it pertains to his ethnicity, Napolitano is Italian.

Andrew Napolitano mam | Married | Gay

Napolitano is no married thus he does not have actually a wife. The former judge is rumored to be gay due to the absence of a female figure in his life. Two men likewise came out to allege that he had sexually harassed them, a severe allegation the his legislation dismissed.

Andrew Napolitano Career

Napolitano is a previous American exceptional Court Judge. He sat on the new Jersey bench in between 1987 and also 1995. Andrew resigned his place as a exceptional court judge in 1995, in order to practice privately. Andre would then later on pursue a career in writing and also television. He is at this time a political and judicial analyst.

He is the former political and senior judicial analyst because that Fox News channel. The former judge comment on legit news and also trials. He is additionally a writer and has published 5 books.


Andrew is a writer and has published five books. The publications are:

Constitutional Chaos: What Happens when the federal government Breaks Its very own LawsThe Consitution in Exile: how the Federal government Has Seized power by Rewriting the Supreme law of the LandA country of SheepDred Scott’s Revenge: A Legal background of Race and Freedom in AmericaLies the government Told You: Myth, Power, and Deception in American History.

Andrew Napolitano Fox News Fired | sexual Allegations

Napolitano was a renowned political and judicial analyst at Fox News. He was fired on august 2, 2021, from the station after sex-related harassment allegations. A male called John Fawcett, who is a Fox company production assistant, alleges that the commentator sexually the and” many young employees’ because that Fox. Fox News delayed to take activity against the allegations, and only fired Andrew ~ Fawcett filed a law suit against the alleged offender. Andrew has neither denied nor embraced the cases as of august 3, 2021.

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Andrew Napolitano net worth

Napolitano has an approximated net worth of $9 million follow to Celebrity network Worth. He earns one average yearly salary the $ 3million. He has amassed a huge fortune transparent his legit profession.

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