• In a brand-new interview through Esquire, Harington stated that he to be wearing high heels if filming "Battle of the Bastards." • Harington stated that filming Game the Thrones" final season was so physically demanding that he "didn"t must go come the gym."

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The closest point Game of Thrones has to a bother Potter, Luke Skywalker or Frodo Baggins would more than likely be Jon Snow: a warrior who slowly but surely learn his epic ar in what eventually becomes a story of grand scale.

Coincidentally, much like those 3 characters, it"s no secret that Jon Snow—and, thusly, actor Kit Harington, that plays him—is no a specifically statuesque man. But what, exactly, is his height? The question has actually been both pondered and also investigated v the years, specifically when photographed with cast mates both tall—Gwendoline Christie, that plays Brienne the Tarth, is noted at 6"3"" ~ above IMDB—and short—Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys, is apparently 5"2"".

In one extensive brand-new interview through Esquire, Harington didn"t beat around the bush, revealing that the show felt the have to prop up his height for key battle sequences. "Plus, I was in fucking high heels," he said while pointing out his suffer filming a Season 6 episode. "I’m short and they need me come look taller than various other people, so I’m moving fifty pounds in high heels."

The English actor to be specifically pointing out his endure filming the epic fight in the episode "Battle that the Bastards," which experienced Jon eye lead the distinct army against Ramsay Bolton, a crucial GoT villain. Harington claimed that the costume that he was wearing in the episode weighed 33 pounds itself, and also the sword that his character wielded added another four pounds-and-change come the complete schlep.

On a related note, Harington likewise pointed the end that Sophie Turner and also Isaac Hempstead-Wright, that play stark siblings Sansa and Bran, respectively, to be just children when the show first started filming, and have due to the fact that surpassed that in the height department. Turner, in particular, messes v Harington in a means that he once did come her. "Sophie and also Isaac prospered past me! each year, they’d come ago and they’d just be taller," the said. "I’d walk from looking under at them to looking up at them. Now they pat me on the head. I provided to pat lock on the head, ruffle their hair. Now Sophie ruffles mine hair."

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Filming the whole "Battle of the Bastards," Harington said, took two weeks. When it to be grueling, the was also quick to suggest out the dividends the the routine paid. "You’d have around a main or two where your body entered shock, going, I can’t, I’m knackered," he said. "But you just kind of acquire into it and also your muscles develop up, and it was actually quite a an excellent workout every day. Friend didn’t should go to the gym."

As if there wasn"t any type of other factor to be excited for the final season of Thrones, this nugget was readily available up, just for scale. "The battle of the Bastards," Harington said, took two weeks to film. "To give you a comparison," he teased, "this year we have actually a battle that took 6 weeks."