Dave Kiley is a 45 year old American tradition car device and entrepreneur. The is famously known for his cast on the reality TV show, ‘Diesel Brothers.’ Dave and also his friend hefty D Sparks began a fix-it shop whereby they committed in Diesel engines.Their occupational at the shop is what the show is all about. In this article, we are going to solitary down to Dave Kiley and also get your facts about him, consisting of his net worth and family.

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Diesel Dave Kiley Wiki.

It was on a church function for single that Dave met his friend heavy D. After a tiny chat, hefty D invite Dave because that a ride on his diesel truck. Throughout the journey, the two bonded and also became life time friends, even speak to each other brother, though a blood-related.The pair had the very same passion, love for diesel engines. After offering it lot thought, they began a fix-it shop because that diesel engines and also named that DieselSellerz Shop, established in Utah, their residence town. After ~ the shop was established, they carried in two more men to help them do the job. Their boldness and also cutting edge skills saw them get so countless customers, and also they did no disappoint your customers.
Diesel Dave KileyIn the procedure of addressing the cars, they provided to record and post videos ~ above YouTube, among which recorded the fist of media houses. They made their an initial appearance on ‘The Tonight’s Show’ through Jay Leno. Native the show, they were contacted by the exploration Channel. On 4th January 2016, their show ‘Diesel Brothers’ fight the airwave ~ above the exploration channel. It ran for five consecutive seasons. On ninth December 2019, the display premiered its 6th season after ~ sealing a deal one month before.Dave was born and also raised in Utah, USA. There space no details about his family. As a young boy, he was fascinated through cars. Together he flourished up, he began working indigenous one garage come another, choose a new skill together he moved. Till the day he met his friend heavy D that the story changed.

Diesel Dave Kiley’s Wife.

On fourth July 2016, Dave gained married to she beautiful wife. She is mainly referred to as Susan, yet according come her summary on Instagram, she denies the name and instead calls it s her Diesel Des.
For the case, us will describe her as Des. Well, there is no information around Des top top the internet. She only ended up being known after marrying Dave ~ having remained in a relationship. She is a great mother to her two daughters and fantastic companion to her husband. There are no rumors that divorce or cheating; the family members is happy.
Diesel Dave Kiley through his wife, Susan, and also daughters.

Dave’s 2 Daughters.

12th January 2017, Dave and also his wife were blessed with their firstborn daughter, and also they called her Saylor Fe Kiley. Proper a year later, castle had another daughter, on ninth September 2018 and named her Pyper Corinne Kiley. The two kids have Instagram accounts full of beautiful memories. The family is living together in Utah.


Diesel Dave was born ~ above 17th June 1974 in Utah, USA. He is at this time 45 year old, hitting 46 in a couple of weeks. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

Height and also Measurements.

Dave is 193 centimeters tall and weighs about 90 kilograms. His shoe size and other measurements are unknown. He keeps traditional hair and also long beards.

Diesel Dave’s network Worth

As that 2020, Dave’s network worth is approximated to it is in $2 million. This is an accumulation of his earning from TV shows and also business.

Social Media.

Diesel Dave enjoys enormous followers the 1.5 million top top Instagram. Taking advantage of this, that mobilized for and built up food donations in his hometown, Utah, come be given to the much less fortunate in the society during the COVID-19 pandemic.https://www.instagram.com/p/CAYKlCfnKBI/

Diesel Dave’s Wiki-Facts.

Full nameDiesel Dave KileyAge45 years oldDate of Birth17th June 1974Place the BirthUtah, USAProfessionThe monster car maker, TV host, BusinessmanNet worth$ 2MilionWifeDiesel DesKidsSaylor Fe Kiley and Pyper Corinne KileyNationalityAmericanEthnicityCaucasianZodiac SignGeminiParentsN/A

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