The tallest player in university basketball takes center stage in march Madness top top Sunday evening against the most powerful team in the NCAA tournament. Tacko Fall, a an elderly center from UCF, will certainly be the male in the center as the Knights confront Duke in the ring of 32.

Tacko fall stands 7’6. He’s been a four-year starter because that UCF, blossoming into one the the country’s many menacing shot blockers and efficient scorers. Autumn helped UCF win its opened round game against VCU, finishing through 13 points, 18 rebounds, and five block on 6-of-9 shoot from the field. Next up: a day with Zion Williamson and Duke.

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Fall has had actually a fascinating journey to reach the cusp of individual hero condition in march Madness, Born in Senegal, he involved the United says as a teenager that was much more interested in biochemistry than basketball. Now he’s the protective backbone that a team that’s trying to win its first ever video game in the huge dance.

This is every little thing you must know around one of university basketball’s many intriguing players.


Zion Williamson vs. Tacko loss is the NCAA competition matchup us deserve

How high is Tacko Fall?

Fall is provided at 7’6, 310 pounds through UCF. The reportedly has an 8-foot wingspan and also wears a dimension 22 shoe.

Here the is alongside CBS reporter Tracy Wolfson, that is 5’6.

LOOK just how TALL TACKO loss IS ( :

— SB country ( march 22, 2019

Where is Tacko autumn from?

Elhadji Tacko Sereigne Diop autumn was born in Dakar, Senegal top top December 10, 1995. Football was Fall’s favorite sport, yet his potential ~ above the basketball court is what precipitated his move to the joined States as soon as he to be 16 year old. Autumn originally landing at a charter school in Texas, and moved about the country several times before setlling at Liberty Christian prepare in Tavares, Florida.

How was Tacko loss as a recruit?

Fall played for Each 1 Teach 1 top top Nike’s EYBL circuit as a recruit v Ben Simmons, Antonio Blakeney, and also Fletcher Magee. He was ranked as the No. 142 recruitment in the course of 2015 by 247 Sports. He hosted offers from Georgetown, Baylor, Tennessee, wake Forest, Purdue, Xavier, and also many more before ultimately picking UCF.

Tacko fall is the key character in among the ideal Vines ever

This will always be the greatest Tacko autumn matchup.

— David Astramskas (
redapples) march 18, 2019

We room all the kid.

Tacko autumn has assisted revive UCF

Fall has been a job one contributor since arriving at UCF, anchoring that is defense and also providing efficient scoring in the paint. Loss started 26 the 30 games for the Knights as a freshman under then-coach Donnie Jones, leading the team in blocks (2.3 every game) and also field goal percentage (75 percent) in simply under 18 minute per game for a squad that finished 12-18 overall.

Johnnie Dawkins took over ahead of Fall’s sophomore year and immediately turned approximately the routine in a 24-12 campaign. Fall ended up being the Knights’ third-leading scorer (10.7 points per game) and also top rebounder (9.5 per game) in enhancement to continuing to be a fearsome shooting blocker.

Fall only played 16 games as a junior since of a shoulder injury, yet has been as an excellent as ever throughout his an elderly year. UCF has been tremendous, earning an at-large bid come the NCAA tournament and also heading into the 8/9 matchup at 23-8 overall.

Fall average 10.9 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks every game, while leading the team in crate score plus-minus through a big margin. UCF sports the the country’s No. 34 defense in huge part since of his in salt protection and rebounding.

Tacko Fall’s mom pertained to watch the on senior night and also it to be amazing

Tacko fall hadn"t viewed his mom in 7 years.For an elderly night, she came all the method from Senegal to watch her son play for the an initial time!(via

— NCAA in march Madness (
marchmadness) march 8, 2019

Try come hold back tears if watching Fall’s mom walk him under the court on senior night after ~ she hadn’t seen him in seven years. These space the moments that make college sports truly special.

#UCF"s Tacko fall meets his mother in the stands ~ the game. The minute speaks because that itself.

— Jason Beede (
therealBeede) march 8, 2019

Tacko Fall’s cost-free throw kind is ugly

Tacko loss looks choose he has actually been obtaining shooting lessons indigenous Ben Simmons

— Hoop central (
TheHoopCentral) January 7, 2019

Hack-a-Tacko can be actual in the NCAA tournament. Loss shot just 36.1 percent from the foul heat this year on an ext than five attempts per game.

Is Tacko autumn an NBA prospect?

Not really. Fall’s dimension would have actually been more valued two decades ago at the NBA level. Today’s game is an ext about quickness, agility, and skill. Loss simply doesn’t have the lateral mobility to it is in a facility in the contemporary NBA.

Fall is three inches taller than the NBA’s tallest player, Boban Marjanovic. The league has actually simply moved away native giants prefer him. We’re hope he still it s okay a summer organization invite.

ESPN doesn’t have loss on the top-100 huge board.

Can Tacko fall dunk there is no jumping?

Basically, yes.

Can we check out Tacko fall next to a regular object?

Here’s Tacko Fall and also a door.


Tacko fall is supervisor smart

Fall reportedly hosted a 4.0 GPA in high institution at Liberty Christian, and also mastered English in eight months and also scored in the 95th percentile top top the SAT. Fall studies computer system science in ~ UCF and also reportedly really hopes to it is in an engineer once his basketball career ends.

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We can not wait for Tacko vs. Zion in the NCAA tournament

How fun is this going to be?

Fall and also Williamson are two of the best physical outliers in American sports. With a Sweet 16 point out on the line, deserve to UCF traction the large upset? If that happens, expect fall to do his existence felt.