The world's highest possible mountain mount Everest is 0.86m greater than had actually been formerly officially calculated, Nepal and also China have actually jointly announced.

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Until now the countries differed end whether to include the snow cap on top. The new height is 8,848.86m (29,032 ft).

China's previous main measurement the 8,844.43m had put the mountain practically four metres reduced than Nepal's.

Officials in ~ Nepal's foreign ministry and also department that survey stated surveyors indigenous both nations had co-ordinated to agree on the new height.

The agreement to jointly announce the new measurement that the Earth's highest point was made during Chinese president Xi Jinping's visit to the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu critical year.

Chinese authorities had said formerly Mount Everest have to be measured come its rock height, while Nepalese authorities said the snow on optimal of the summit need to be included.



Nepal's government officials told the in 2012 that they to be under push from China to accept the Chinese height and therefore castle had decided to go for a new measurement come "set the record straight once and also for all".

The 8,848m height Nepal had been using for mount Everest was determined by the survey of India in 1954, however for the an initial time the country has now performed its own measurement that the summit.

Four Nepalese floor surveyors spent two years training for the mission, before heading come the summit.

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"Before this, we had actually never excellent the measurement ourselves," Damodar Dhakal, spokesman in ~ Nepal's room of survey, called the

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"Now the we have actually a young, technical team , we can do it on ours own," grandfather Dhakal said.

Nepal's lead surveyor Khimlal Gautam lost his toe due to frostbite when on the summit to install height-measuring equipment last year.

"For summiteers, scaling the highest possible peak way a great accomplishment. Because that us, the was just the beginning," grandfather Gautam had told Nepali ~ his return.

"Unlike other surveys of the Everest in the past, we chose 03:00 come minimise errors that might have to be caused due to the fact that of sunshine in the day time."

Some geologists have said a major earthquake in 2015 might have had actually an influence on mountain Everest's height. The 7.8 size earthquake killed nearly 9,000 human being in Nepal, and also caused an avalanche which buried parts the the basic camp in ~ the mountain. At least 18 climbers were killed.