Dr. Jennifer Ashton Wiki

Dr. Jennifer Ashton to be born ~ above April 23, 1969, and from California, U.S. She is a physician, author, and also television correspondent for alphabet News and good Morning, America.

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On march 6, she showed up on abc 20/20 because that its episode on the coronavirus “Outbreak: What You need to Know.” The show likewise features Engel talk to doctors and also researchers and also touring a Singaporean lab researching bats to discover a coronavirus cure.



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Dr. Jennifer Ashton Career

She is a Board-certified Ob-Gyn, author and also TV clinical correspondent, division the obstacle between doctor and patient. In 2008, she opened up her private clinical practice, Hygeia Gynecology, in Englewood, brand-new Jersey.

Where Hygeia Gynecology is aptly called after Hygeia the Greek goddess the health, healing, and cleanliness. In October 2017, alphabet announced Dr. Ashton together the Chief clinical Correspondent & health Editor, making her just the third person at the network to ever before hold this title.

Earlier, Dr. Ashton was called Chief Women’s health and wellness Correspondent for alphabet News in 2015 and also has been an elderly Medical Contributor since 2012. Additionally, she is chief health and also medical editor and also chief medical correspondent for alphabet News and an excellent Morning America, chief women’s health correspondent because that The Dr. Oz Show, and a columnist for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Dr. Ashton has actually authored countless magazine articles and also contributed to a health and wellness blog because that The record of Bergen, brand-new Jersey. Except this she also has written 3 books: The human body Scoop because that Girls (2009), your Body Beautiful (2012), and Eat This once You’re Expecting, no That (2016).

In 2013, she was named co-host of the nationally- syndicated, Emmy Award-winning daytime clinical show, The Doctors. Ashton has received number of awards for her occupational which includes: mrs of success by the Girl Scouts the Northern brand-new Jersey (2007) and also Hope for The Future compensation from The Octoberwoman foundation for breast Cancer Awareness (2008).

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton Family

How old is Dr. Jennifer Ashton? She was born on April 23, 1969, and also from California, U.S and she is 51 year old together of 2020. She is the daughter of Oscar Garfein (Father) and also Dorothy Garfein (Mother).

Ashton has actually a brother called Evan Garfein, is chief of plastic surgery and also reconstructive surgical procedure at Montefiore Hospital in brand-new York City. Talking about her education and learning she to visit Horace Mann institution in Riverdale and graduated indigenous Columbia College, Columbia University, through a bachelor’s level in art history.

In 2016, she obtained her master’s degree in nutrition native Columbia University.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton Husband

Jennifer Ashton has actually a tragic recent history, she and her ex-husband, Robert Ashton, to be divorced when their children, Alex and also Chloe, were teenagers. On February 11, 2017, the committed suicide by jumping indigenous the George Washington bridge.

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Following the very publicized suicide of Kate Spade, Jennifer Ashton determined to open up up about the self-destruction of her Husband and even composed a book, “Life after ~ Suicide.”

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton net Worth

Estimated net Worth of her is $9 Million USD together of 2020. She stand 5 feet 5 customs tall and weighs roughly 62KG.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton Wiki

Full Name: Dr. Jennifer AshtonNick Name: AshtonDOB: April 23, 1969Born: California, U.SNationality: AmericanReligion: ChristianityFamous for: Physician, Author, and also Television CorrespondentAge: 51 Years Old

Education Details

College: Columbia College, Columbia UniversitySchool: Horace Mann SchoolQualification: Master’s level in Nutrition

Physical Statics

Height: 5 feet 5 inch TallWeight: 62 KGEye Color: Dark BrownHair color: BlondeMarital Status: Widow

Favorites and also hobbies

Hobbies: TravellingFavorite Actor: Tom CruiseFavorite Actress: Jennifer LawrenceFavorite Destination: MiamiFavorite Food: Italian


Father: Oscar GarfeinMother: Dorothy GarfeinBrother: Evan GarfeinSister: NoRelatives: NA