American gyeongju driver. She said in a Q&A around her weight and also height: "I"m 5-foot-1 1/2 and also 110 pounds". On twitter additionally said "I to be 5"1"

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Nik claimed on 1/Jan/19I choose her name and the photo above! I likewise like it the Danica declared to it is in 5"1" even though she is widely down together being 5"2" top top the internet!

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greg lehmann claimed on 24/Oct/18Although Danica Patrick is very tiny at 5"1",she"s pretty! also though at an initial with petite Danica i was lukewarm at best thinking she might race cars,because there have not to be too countless dominant women car racers and nasty "embezzle nincowpoop ultra maroon" sportscaster Jim Rome want Danica to obtain killed to death racing cars and also snickered "Automobile racing is no sport for women! particularly for shrimps like Danica!" True Danica simply won one race,but that must not degrade her as a race car driver! probably Danica was too quick at 5"1" come dominate car racing however calmly look in ~ it this way. Danica can discover nice comfortable clothes to gently fit her size 4 Petite body can wear really brightly fancy clothes and can fit clearly in them! and in Danica"s very own sweet method petite women deserve to do an ext things currently than what they can EVER do! 5"3" Gretchen Carlson became Miss America! Nice! 5"1" zenith Attwood and 5"3" Susan Gallagher lovingly proved you can model even if you"re small! Look too at all the nice quick actresses singers and also dancers there are and also I"ve even discovered some actresses likePerry Mason"s Barbara Hale space (and were) short! (Barbara to be 5"3".) and my sweet 5" girlfriend Kelly Mickolaczyk to be a star high school basketball player! (High school and college women"s basketball groups cannot tell somebody choose Kelly they can"t play basketball and are required to lug two short women on their teams.) however some points petite women can do better than their taller sisters! Every Peter Pan actress favor 5" Cathy Rigby space small! even 5"1" Donna Adamek confirmed petite women deserve to be agree bowlers! and 5"1" Rosie Casals is the only petite Wimbledon champion! and if friend look very closely at packages of knee high nylons women favor Danica comfortable wear under your pants,many the the ladies on the packages space 5"3" or under! So now it"s a brighter happy people for petites since just as long as her heart carries you,you can do noþeles you want to do!