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Born:December 14, 1960 (age 60)YonkersNew York...(Show more)Notable Works:“A greater Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and also Leadership”“Saving Justice: Truth, Transparency, and also Trust”...(Show more)

James Comey attend the university of wilhelm & Mary, where he studied chemistry and religion (B.S., 1982), and the university of Chicago legislation School (J.D., 1985).

James Comey’s federal employment included organization as one assistant U.S. Attorney for the southern District of brand-new York (1987–93) and for the Eastern district of Virginia (1996–2001), together U.S. Attorney for the southern District of brand-new York (2002–03), together deputy attorney general (2003–05), and as director of the FBI (2013–17).

As an undergraduate at the college of wilhelm & Mary, James Comey composed a thesis comparing theologian Reinhold Niebuhr and also televangelist Jerry Falwell. ~ he to be fired by Pres. Donald trump in 2017, Comey released a memoir, A higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and also Leadership (2018), in which he described Trump together “unethical, and untethered come truth.”

James Comey is famous for his disclosures (2016) about the FBI’s examination of Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal e-mail server together secretary the state and also for his firing (2017) together FBI manager by Pres. Donald Trump after Comey testified to Congress about the FBI’s examination of feasible collusion between Trump’s presidential campaign and also Russia.

James Comey, in complete James Brien Comey, (born December 14, 1960, Yonkers, brand-new York, U.S.), U.S. Attorney and also law enforcement official who served as manager (2013–17) that the commonwealth Bureau of examination (FBI).

Early life

Comey come from an ireland American family. His paternal grand was a police officer, and also his father operated in commercial genuine estate. Comey grew up in Allendale, new Jersey, and he later on studied chemistry and also religion in ~ the college of wilhelm & Mary. After ~ graduating in 1982, the earned a law level (1985) indigenous the university of Chicago.

Legal career and also acting attorney general

As a young lawyer, Comey operated mostly in the offices of United states attorneys (federal prosecuting attorneys with regional jurisdiction). In 1987 he came to be an assistant U.S. Attorney because that the southerly District of brand-new York, offer under Rudolph W. Giuliani. In 1993 he relocated to Virginia and also became a partner in the McGuireWoods law firm. Returning to government service, Comey became an assistant U.S. Attorney because that the Eastern district of Virginia in 1996. In 2002 that was promoted to U.S. Attorney and put in fee of his old jurisdiction, the new York southerly District. In a high-profile case, his office lugged charges of gaue won misconduct against the homemaking businessman Martha Stewart; she was convicted in 2004.

In December 2003 Comey ended up being deputy attorney general, the second highest main in the department of righteousness (DOJ). Serving together acting attorney general in 2004, during the incapacity the Attorney general John Ashcroft, that thwarted efforts by officials in Pres. George W. Bush’s management to achieve legal clearance because that an aggressive residential eavesdropping program. The same world who applauded this action, however, later on criticized Comey’s spirited defense that the government’s detention of doubt terrorist Jose Padilla, one American citizen, together an adversary combatant. (See also war on terrorism.) Comey left the Justice department in 2005 to come to be general counsel that the Lockheed martin Corporation, climate the largest defense contractor. He later on served as general counsel (2010–13) in ~ Bridgewater Associates, then the biggest hedge fund.

FBI director: Hillary Clinton e-mail inquiry, Donald Trump, and firing

In June 2013 Pres. Barack Obama officially nominated Comey come head the FBI, replacing the retiring Robert Mueller. Comey was easily confirmed by the Senate, and also his 10-year term began on September 4, 2013. Significant events during his tenure consisted of the agency’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a exclusive e-mail server throughout her term together secretary of state. In July 2016, shortly prior to Clinton was nominated together the democratic presidential candidate, Comey—in an unprecedented move—gave a push conference in i m sorry he wondered about her judgment however announced that she had actually been cleared of criminal impropriety. The decision not to carry charges was sharply criticized by Clinton’s opponents, consisting of the Republican nominee, Donald Trump. However, less than two weeks before the November 8 election, Comey effectively reopened the case when he sent a letter to congress disclosing a testimonial of recently discovered Clinton e-mails; at the time, Trump proclaimed that the relocate had restored Comey’s reputation. Comey’s announcement that no criminal task had been uncovered in the new e-mails came 2 days prior to the election, i m sorry Clinton lost.

After Trump to be sworn in as president in January 2017, he reportedly asked Comey to continue as FBI director. In in march Trump accused Obama of wiretapping his telephones during the presidential race, but Comey dismissed the allegations once he testified before a congressional committee later that month. However, Comey did check that due to the fact that July 2016 the FBI had been investigating even if it is members of Trump’s campaign had colluded v Russian public official to victory the election. Some criticized the director because that not having publicly revealed the probe throughout the election—as he had when the FBI reviewed extr Clinton e-mails.

At a Senate listening in May, Comey defended his managing of the Clinton inquiry and also claimed the he feel “mildly nauseous” over the possibility that the FBI’s actions affected the election. In addition, he touched on his agency’s investigation into Trump’s project advisers and alleged that Russian interference in U.S. Elections would proceed to be a major threat. Much less than a mainly later, on might 9, trump abruptly fired Comey, citing the recommendation of DOJ officials who faulted Comey’s conduct during the Clinton probe. Notably, the FBI director to be accused of dealing with Clinton unfairly, v both the July push conference and also the October letter to conference being understood inappropriate. Critics, however, alleged that Comey was dismissed because of the Russia inquiry, and also Trump later conceded the the investigation had been one of his reasons for firing Comey.

The DOJ’s inspector general oversaw a prolonged investigation into the FBI’s handling of the Clinton case, and also the final report was released in June 2018. While that was critical of Comey’s actions—notably, it dubbed him “insubordinate” and concluded that his deviations indigenous the FBI’s standard actions damaged the agency’s call for fairness—it found no proof that he had actually been politically motivated. In addition, the FBI was no faulted for its decision not to fee Clinton.

Memoir and also later activities

In may 2017 Comey’s memo worrying a February meeting with Trump was leaked come the media. The notably asserted that the president had asked him to drop the FBI inquiry into Michael T. Flynn, Trump’s former national protection adviser that was gift investigated as component of the Russia probe. Soon after the memo’s release, Robert Mueller was named special counsel to the Russia investigation. In June Comey showed up before the Senate intelligence Committee. He testified the he had written memorandums on all his interactions with Trump, due to the fact that of pertains to that the president might lie about what was said. Furthermore, Comey revealed that he had indirectly leaked the memo in might in the hope that it would an outcome in a distinct counsel being assigned come the Russia inquiry. Comey also stated the Trump was not being investigated by the FBI.

In 2018 Comey published the memoir A higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and also Leadership, in i beg your pardon he to be highly crucial of Trump, alleging that the president was “unethical, and untethered come truth.” The book—as well as Comey’s regularly pointed comments during the ensuing media tour—drew the ire the Trump, who referred to Comey together a “slimeball.” The memoir later served as the basis for the miniseries The Comey Rule (2020), with Jeff Daniels in the command role. Comey later on wrote Saving Justice: Truth, Transparency, and Trust (2021).

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