Imagine just how awful it need to have been in the olden days, prior to the internet, as soon as someone in ~ a party would say something like, “Did you recognize Jackie Kennedy is five-foot-four?” and you would certainly say, “Uh, in reality she’s five-seven,” and also both that you would argue because that a while before finally giving up and also grumpily “agreeing come disagree.” also everyone would more than likely be cigarette smoking inside. It sounds terrible. (Jackie Kennedy to be five-seven, by the way.)

Now, the heights that celebrities room immediately accessible at the advice of ours nosy, size-obsessed tiny fingers. And, regardless of just how you feel around them, some of the greatest celebrities in the civilization right currently are the various cast members of TrumpWorld, the reality-TV present that never ever ends, where everyone costume poorly, and also that you can’t look away from because at any type of moment it might send united state hurtling toward nuclear war.

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To aid you determine how you would certainly stack up (literally) in this elaborate circus, the cut has arisen a handy guide to the heights the the various family members members, White residence officials, cabinet members, exes, and miscellaneous personalities who have involved dominate ours news cycle since our 45th president was sworn in.

As you have the right to see in the image above, the Trump family is, in general, incredibly tall. Donald Trump self is six-foot-three, as is shown man Jared Kushner. Eric Trump, the president’s blond son, clocks in at a chuck six-foot-five, a truth I have actually not quit thinking about for several days now. (When got to for comment, the White house did no confirm these numbers.)

Here are how other human being in TrumpWorld measure up.

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Trump’s White house Team


Photo: Getty Images/Shutterstock

Jeff Sessions - attorney basic - 5’6”Betsy DeVos - secretary of education - 5’7”Scott Pruitt - administrator that the EPA - 5’8”Wilbur Ross - secretary of business - 5’8”General Jim Mattis - secretary the Defense - 5’9”Mike Pence - vice-president - 5’10”Mike Pompeo - secretary of State - 5’10”Ben Carson - secretary of Housing and Urban advancement - 6’0”Steve Mnuchin - secretary that the Treasury - 6’0”Rick Perry - secretary of energy - 6’1”Ryan Zinke - secretary of the inner - 6’2”

Government agencies plainly have different policies when it involves disclosing the elevation of your chief officials. The department of energy confirmed that Secretary stack Perry is six-foot-one, and the room of Justice notified us that Attorney general Jeff Sessions is five-six, no five-four as claimed (like buy it Huckabee Sanders, that is also significant “Alive”). However the State Department and Department the Defense would certainly not confirm exactly how tall Secretary Pompeo or Secretary Mattis are, saying height is considered an individual information. What perform you think, should Cabinet secretaries’ heights it is in public record?

This picture, you will certainly note, go not incorporate Trump’s whole Cabinet. Over there is currently no elevation information obtainable for Secretary of agriculture Sonny Perdue, Secretary of job Alex Acosta, Secretary of Health and also Human solutions Alex Azar, Secretary of Homeland security Kirstjen Nielsen, or exhilaration Secretary that Veterans affairs Robert Wilkie. If lock or anyone castle know has actually information around their heights, please call me.

Trump’s (Professional) Exes


Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty photos

Other necessary Characters