(Businessman, television personality)

Chip Gaines and also his wife Joanna Gaines room the co-owners the Magnolia Homes. They are proud parental of five children. The couple was in the same college yet unknown to one another.

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Since a child, he to be interested in sports and also has played basketball too.

Education, University

Chip studied at Baylor University- Hankamer institution of company in 1995 whereby, he majored in business, BBA. ~ his graduation indigenous Baylor college in 1998, he set out and also started his private business.

Chip Gaines: expert Life, Career

Chip Gaines together with his wife Joanna Gaines to who he met in ~ Baylor University, invested in nature in Baylor Area and established their own company, ‘Trinity Properties’.

He and his mam were involved in constructing and designing residences for the client the way they wanted. It was adhered to by his occupational as a co-owner of his wife’s company Magnolia Homes. Magnolia homes was a keep with all species of house accessories together with constructing and designing.

Furthermore, in 2009, the again opened a company ‘Magnolia Reality’ helping clients find both dream homes and also undervalued properties. The buys old residences at a low price, renovates them, and makes lock worth countless dollars.

Chip Gaines co-hosted the present Fixer Upper with his mam Joanna Gains which was broadcast in the year 2013. Yet on 13 in march 2018, they announced that it was the last illustration of the show.

The factor they stated was to focus on their family and also children. Their fans and the channel HGTV to be upset after discovering the display will finish as that was among the successful shows of HGTV.

Joanna and Chip have announced their new project will be broadcast in 2020 and also will change Discovery’s DIY network. Follow to TIME, their brand-new project will certainly be around lifestyle, family, and cooking.

As a philanthropist, Chip v her wife to do donations to train employee initiating versus racial discrimination.


Gaines’ Fixer upper was nominated for awards by Primetime Emmy Awards (2018, 2018), Broadcast Film doubters Association Awards (2018), and also more.

Chip Gaines: Net Worth, Salary

As every the service insider, this effective businessman in addition to her wife has actually a net worth the $20 million.

In Fixer Upper, Chip and also Joanna charge $30,000 as their speak fee of $150,000 per hour for appearance.

He and also his wife very own a farmhouse in Waco, Texas.

Chip Gaines: Rumors, Controversy

-There to be a rumor the the popular personality Chip is Homophobic. This means that he is against homosexual people and also same-sex marriage.

-There was additionally a rumor that Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines are divorcing yet it’s no confirmed. The key reason for their fight to be that when Chip visited Mexico for the Spanish immersion program.

Chip was affiliated in that regimen for three-month and also his business was handled by Joanna Gaines.

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Body Measurements: Height, Weight

He has auburn hair and also blue-green eyes. He is 5 feet 10 customs tall and also his weight is 77 kg.