April Love Geary is an American design who is renowned for being the fiance that American-Canadian singer, actor, and also songwriter, Robin Thicke. Thicke is well-known for his single "Blurred Lines" i m sorry ranked at no.1 on the united state Billboard hot 100. Geary first met Thicke with their common friend, Andre in ~ a party in 2014. Then, they began dating each other and also made the public in 2015. The couple got involved in December 2018. The couple is blessed through two daughters, Mia Love Thicke and Lola Alain Thicke.

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Besides October 5, 2020, she announced her pregnant by posting a photo of herself on a coast on her Instagram. The pair is expecting their third child in 2021. She is energetic in the society media communication with approximately 175k pendant on her proved Instagram account:

What is April Love Geary famed for?

Famous together an American modelKnown for being the fiance the American-Canadian singer and also songwriter, Robin Thicke


Where is April Love Geary from?

April Love Geary was born top top December 6, 1994, in Huntington Beach, California, unified States. She birth surname is April Love Geary. Her ethnicity is White when Sagittarius is her zodiac sign. She holds an American nationality. She is that Mexican, Irish, French, and Dutch descent.

She was born as the eldest daughter the Patrick Geary(father) and Diana Geary(mother). She has actually two younger sisters. She was increased in her hometown, Huntington Beach together with her siblings.

Growing up, she was a very tall and also lanky girl and also she provided to feel really nervous come stand among her friends. However, she father supported her and also made her join modeling classes.

At the period of 12, she started modeling. She go modeling because that many tiny TV ads and also appeared in local magazines and newspapers for assorted brands. Then, she relocated to Los Angels to continue her career together a model.

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April Love Geary Career: Highlights

April Love Geary started her professional modeling job in 2014 after ~ she got featured top top the front page of the Sports shown website.Then, she started doing modeling because that a swimsuit clothes company.She received an excellent acclaims for her modeling and also her modeling figure.In 2016, she signed through talent firm "IMG WorlWide & Photogenics".With the agency, she travel to different parts the the human being including China, Malibu, and Germany.She additionally got featured in Harper"s Bazaar Magazine.