The Pioneer woman star Ree Drummond regularly jokes about her height. She compares it s her to her family members members anytime they take a group photo. Just how tall is the Food Network cook? here’s what Showbiz Cheat paper knows.

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Ree Drummond jokes around her height



Ree Drummond v guests at a Pioneer woman magazine event | Monica Schipper/Getty pictures for The Pioneer woman Magazine

Drummond generally jokes about how her household towers end her, however how tall is The Accidental country Girl? The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond is 5 feet, ripe inches tall. She mutual her elevation in one Instagram post about her visit to view her daughter Paige at college. In Frontier Follies, Drummond states Paige is an ext than 6 feet tall.

“Keep in mind as you look in ~ this picture that i am 5’9,” writes Drummond in she Instagram post. “Anyway, I gained to view my girl at college because that an unofficially mom’s weekend, and I love every minute… It was a quick but oh so sweet time with among my favorite people in the universe.”

Ree Drummond’s ice cream cream line

What’s next for Drummond? it was freshly announced the she exit her own ice cream collection. The new line the tasty treats is only obtainable at Walmart. If you desire to make ice cream at home, you’re in luck. The Pioneer woman line attributes an ice cream device as well together ice cream mixes.

“My ice cream Cream device Collection, obtainable at Walmart, provides you everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth and also whip up tasty frozen treats everyone will absolutely love,” says Drummond in a statement. “From mine gorgeous ice cream machine to mine scrumptious ice cream cream mixes, ns can’t wait to view the delicious fun you produce at home!”

Some that the spices in the collection, i m sorry are motivated by offerings in ~ her ice cream cream shop, Charlie’s, encompass birthday cake, salted caramel, and mint chip.

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Drummond has countless other partnerships and businesses. In 2019, she announced her partnership v Kraft Heinz top top a heat of sauces. Not lengthy after that, she announced the opened of her ice cream cream shop, Charlie’s (the shop is named after her late basset hound, Charlie, who passed away in July 2017). Drummond likewise has a hotel, a food website, her very own magazine, books, and many other company ventures.