How tall room the residential property Brothers? What"s Jonathan and also Drew Scott"s network worth? There"s a lot come learn around the HGTV stars.

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If girlfriend love tuning in to HGTV, climate you"re probably really familiar with everyone"s favourite twins: Property Brothers Drew and also Jonathan Scott (both age 39, quickly to it is in 40). The popular collection starring pair brothers complies with the duo together they aid prospective homeowners turn their genuine estate desires into reality. Return the display is a sensation in its own right, we"ve gathered up a few lesser-known facts about the famous Scott brothers that will certainly make you loss even an ext in love with the pair.

1. Drew and also Jonathan are the same twins.

Believe that or not, Drew and also Jonathan room identical, no fraternal twins—although diehard fans can probably phone call the twins apart based upon their various hairstyles, clothing, and also personalities.

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2. Jonathan is older and taller 보다 Drew.

Of course, the two share a date of birth (April 28, 1978), but Jonathan to be born four minutes prior to his "younger" brother. Apparently, that was enough time to outgrow him. When Jonathan is 6"5", attracted is one customs "shorter" (though quiet tall!) at 6"4".

3. The duo has actually actually done 7 TV reflects together.

Do they ever get a work off? Drew and Jonathan have starred in Property Brothers, of course, but likewise Buying and Selling, Brother vs. Brother, residential or commercial property Brothers: in ~ Home, Property Brothers: At house on the Ranch, brother Take new Orleans, and residential or commercial property Brothers at Home: Drew"s Honeymoon House.

4. And also their reported net worth is in the millions.

Thanks to multiple shows, books, and also furniture collections, Drew and Jonathan have actually a reported net worth of approximately $20 million combined, making castle most most likely the highest-earning HGTV stars.

5. They"re Canadian.

The brothers were born in Vancouver and also attended the university of Calgary.

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