Property brother stars Jonathan and Drew Scott have actually made a surname for themselves v their struggle HGTV show. Your careers have because led to spinoffs, magazine features, and even music deals.

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Perhaps component of the reason the brothers are unique is due to the fact that they’re identical twins. However there’s one small difference in between the two that provides them not quite similar — your height.



‘Property brothers’ stars Jonathan and also Drew Scott in new York City in 2020 | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty images for Meredith Corporation

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Drew and also Jonathan Scott aren’t actually the very same height

Drew and Jonathan have gone their totality lives expressing come others the they’re identical twins. And also from a DNA standpoint, that might be true. That course, their identical appearance and also equal love for the actual estate market (Drew buys and also sells the houses while Jonathan go the remodel) is what assisted put castle on the map. Yet it turns out these two tall brother aren’t in reality the very same height.

Drew and Jonathan Scott are frequently substantially taller than their clients. It transforms out drew is 6’4” — however his brothers stands one inch taller at 6’5”, according to home Beautiful. These room some tall twins, considering the mean Canadian male’s elevation is only 5’10”.

However, attracted doesn’t believe that Jonathan is one inch taller. “That’s due to the fact that of his hair, and additionally he wears this high-heeled sophisticated boots,” attracted once said in a video for HGTV. Rather, Drew declared in the same video that he is in reality the taller one.

The brothers also have another, non-famous sibling

Drew and also Jonathan can be famed twins, yet they in reality have one more sibling. The brothers have an enlarge brother, JD Scott. JD stays in las Vegas, near Drew and also Jonathan. Despite JD doesn’t appear on Property Brothers, he’s still incredibly close through his younger brothers.

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Similarly come his brothers, JD always envisioned himself in the entertainment market — and he made the a reality. JD has actually written and produced assorted films and also shows, and also though he might not be too known in front of the camera, he’s made a surname for himself behind the scenes.