Alaskan shrub People star Bear Brown swoons over his new girlfriend Raiven Adams practically daily for the critical week or so v his virtual posts. Armchair sleuths room busy researching Raiven as her member the the wolf load howls about his new perfect mate.

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When the Alaskan shrub People role out a new season this Sunday night, respectable 4, the secret and intrigue roughly Raiven Adams might clear up as soon as you see her in action. For some reason, the sudden appearance together Bear Brown’s girlfriend has actually put Raiven Adams under the microscope.

It seems Alaskan bush People fans have actually unearthed her in previous pictures. One of her in a loving and also kissing embrace with another guy is do the virtual rounds today. Climate a few people who claim they adhered to her before she met bear stepped up. They now offer up several of the points that she’s excellent in the past.

Alaskan bush People: bear Brown and Raiven Adams Under Fans’ Microscope

What Raiven Adams once had for a society media visibility seems to differ from today. Civilization who claim they adhered to her prior to she was Bear’s girl sell up part tidbits. They report Raiven’s old articles were gotten rid of recently, around the time people started understanding her as Bear Brown’s brand-new girlfriend.

While girlfriend can’t think everything girlfriend read, people seem to have actually a lot to say. Several commenters suggest that Raiven Adams is no a model. As soon as she very first emerged top top the Alaskan shrub People scene, headlines had her down as a model.


Alaskan bush People: Joins show as Love attention or Paid actors Member?

It looks prefer Raiven is a part of the Alaskan shrub People family. Bear already hinted you’ll see her in the brand-new season beginning up. Once the news emerged that Raiven Adams joined the actors it opened up the overwhelming gates. Human being now seem to gravitate toward anything the sheds light on this an enig lady.

Some viewers that Alaskan bush People also suggest she’s making use of Bear as a stepping rock to fame. Bear is 31 and also his brand-new lady love is simply 21. So maybe she is a little smitten by the strange antics that this older man now in her life.

When bear Brown an initial introduced she to the pendant of Alaskan bush People his fans were happy for him. Countless still seem to be thrilled end his brand-new relationship. Yet some in the media are turning over every rock. It appears they’re do the efforts to find less-than-stellar news about her past. Some claim her old Instagram account verified Raiven Adam together a party girl.

Romance never ever seemed come be among Bear’s solid points. Below he demonstrates his tracking an abilities when out in the wild. There’s not much romance in this. Yet to each his own, or for this reason they say. Comparing picture of Raiven Adams in she surroundings and also Bear’s way of living from the past, lock seem come come indigenous two various worlds.

Is Raiven the real Deal for Bear?

Whatever Raiven did in the previous is the past, but Bear Brown pan don’t want to check out him hurt. Chatter online includes the opportunity that Raiven could be a hired actors member. Some indicate she might just beat the function of Bear’s love interest to aid the ratings.

Well, Raiven absolutely gathered a lot of interest since Bear first mentioned his brand-new lady-love. So if this new addition come the show is all about stirring up interest in the exploration Channel’s new season, it appeared to work. World can’t get sufficient of Raiven Adams.

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The new season that Alaskan bush People start Sunday, august 4, in ~ 9 afternoon EST on discovery Channel.