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Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nugget


Sometimes quick food brands make weird choices. Taco Bell will chop out fan favorites, In-N-Out tho refuses to add bacon to your menu, and, for whatever reason, McDonald’s hasn’t lugged a new flavor of McNugget come the united States since 1983, also though the doesn’t take a genius to number out the a spicy McNugget would slap.

C’est la vie. The Spicy McNugget is below now, so let’s see how it stacks up.

Taste: 3

Hmm. Well, it’s not better 보다 the timeless non-spiced McNugget, and also from a pure flavor perspective, the mix the cayenne, and also chili peppers don’t have anything end Wendy’s cayenne, paprika, and pepper-based seasoning. When McDonald’s ethereal flavor renders a good pairing through sauce, the nugg eaten alone doesn’t linger in a pleasing way like the black color pepper the Wendy’s nugget does.

Texture: 5

This is the Spicy McNugget’s strength. Part of what provides the Chicken McNugget therefore beloved is its tempura-like batter. The crispy-flaky crunch that each Spicy McNugget offers is therefore audibly pleasing that we’re finally starting to recognize the appeal of Mukbang and also ASMR.

Heat: 3

McDonald’s could’ve really had something if they’d simply trusted their customers a tiny bit more. The truth about spicy food is the it’s no for everybody. Some world can manage the heat and also some can’t. Wendy’s respects the the audience for their Spicy Nugget comes in wanting spice. McDonald’s play it safe and also tried to have it both means with a McNugget that’s just slightly spicy.

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In short: it’s not spicy sufficient to turn any beginners off, yet it leaves nothing for spice-heads to really appreciate.