In the everlasting battle between dogs versus cats, scientist think they have established which is the smarter species.

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On one hand, dogs deserve to be trained to learn and respond to our commands, however cats are extremely cunning and full of curiosity.

Unfortunately for cat lovers, this round goes come the dogs.


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A share study in between six universities from US, Brazil, Denmark, and South Africa has found that dogs have twice as countless neurons in their cerebral cortex contrasted to cats. Specifically, dogs had roughly 530 million neurons, whereas cats only had 250 million neurons, which argues that dogs are more intelligent.

For comparison, we human beings have approximately 16 billion neurons in our cerebral cortex. This is the greatest number by far. Our closest relatives, orangutans and gorillas just have approximately 8-9 exchange rate neurons, therefore we have the right to safely case the smartest species title.

Why usage neurons in the cerebral cortex?

Neurons space the basic information processing units in our brains. The gathers all the information both internally and externally come the body because that the cerebral cortex come process. Unlike other locations of the brain which only process specific type information, the cerebral cortex has actually to procedure all the them and also coordinate ours decision-making, problem-solving and also other facility functions.

Although the number of neurons we have is only one means to determine the level the intelligence, one of the study’s neurologist, Suzana Herculano-Houzel from the university of Vanderbilt, believes it is the most reliable to date.

It is a typical misconception amongst scientists that brain size is the main element that identify intelligence, and that bigger equates to smarter. In this case, bigger walk not median better.

The research discovered that larger animals with bigger brains such as lions and also bears had fewer neurons than smaller sized ones such as cats and dogs. Furthermore, animals that had similar brain size can have substantially different variety of neurons. This says that brain size is no the main aspect in identify intelligence.

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Although dog lovers would be delighted around these results, we need to be mindful when comparing species based ~ above intelligence. This is due to the fact that each varieties has developed in a specific means which allows them come solve difficulties that room most an essential to your survival and reproduction.

For example, if we consider hunting ability, cats will absolutely outsmart us and dogs. Yet if it to be a maths problem, we will win end dogs and also cats any day.

So regardless of how numerous neurons your dog or cat have, or exactly how smart science states your pet may be, you re welcome love them all.

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