When girlfriend sit under to enjoy the Star Wars saga, what film is first? 2 glossesweb.com writers protect their favorite viewing order.

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Jamie Greene and Dan Zehr

One the the good things about Star Wars is the it inspires unlimited debates and also opinions top top a vast array of topics. Finest bounty hunter? many powerful Jedi? Does Salacious Crumb have actually the finest haircut in the saga? In that spirit, glossesweb.com presents From a details Point of View: a collection of point-counterpoints on few of the biggest — and also most funny — Star Wars issues. In this installment, in celebration event of Star battles Day on might the 4th, two glossesweb.com writers discuss their desired order for film the town hall enjoyment.

Jamie Greene says he prefers to watch the movies in the bespeak in i m sorry they to be released: A new Hope, The realm Strikes Back, Return the the Jedi, The Phantom Menace, Attack the the Clones, Revenge that the Sith, The pressure Awakens, and also The last Jedi.

Look, I understand you have an opinion top top this topic. Of every one of the disputes in Star Wars fandom, the “correct” bespeak to clock the movies is one of the most contentious. There to be disagreements back when points were simpler and we only had six films to organize. Now that we’re around to have actually 10 films, the dispute has gained exponentially much more layered and also increasingly challenging.

There room a surprising number of ways to order the Star Wars films, and also compelling arguments can it is in made in donate of most of them. Because that our purposes here, we’re only considering the ripe (to date) live-action theatrical films. The Clone Wars film, all animated series, and also the Ewoks TV movies are off the table. Lock fundamentally adjust the conversation. Yet enough dilly-dallying. I’m below to take it a position, for this reason let’s just acquire this out of the way. The best means to watch the Star Wars movies is in relax order: A brand-new Hope, The realm Strikes Back, Return that the Jedi, The Phantom Menace, Attack the the Clones, Revenge the the Sith, The force Awakens, and also The last Jedi.


The only hiccup below is Rogue One, i beg your pardon I’ll permit to be put either between Return the the Jedi and The Phantom Menace or between Revenge that the Sith and The force Awakens. Granted, that’s a little bit of a cheat, but if watched in release order, Rogue One disrupts the natural circulation from The pressure Awakens to The critical Jedi—the two movies that ironically don’t have much i of time in between them. Complete disclosure: I’m of an age where I experienced the original trilogy in the theaters. Therefore sure, the inclination here is to be a curmudgeon and loudly proclaim, “That’s the means WE watched it, for this reason that need to be how EVERYONE watches it!” My suggest isn’t to pressure my experience on anyone else, however let’s face facts: the town hall the movies in relax order just makes sense. And it renders for the ideal viewing experience.


How you select to watch the movies depends on whether you think Star Wars is mostly Luke’s or Anakin’s story (which is a totality other debate). Nevertheless, I’m going come break v protocol here and also suggest that the saga is not about an separation, personal, instance character; it’s about the Force.

There’s a reason that “show, don’t tell” is among the most an easy pieces of creating advice. Show, and also the audience i do not care mentally and emotionally engaged. They experience the story top top a deep, an individual level, and they construct a fully realized, three-dimensional expertise of the tale and its characters. Tell, and the audience remains passive and also experiences a story native one view alone — the author’s.

When us watch Star Wars in relax order, the saga is shown to us. We’re gift with facility characters, mysteries, hints at various backstories, and also a story the slowly and logically develops. The narrative begins in medias res — that is, in the center of things — and at some point comes complete circle, implying the the Force constantly has to be and always will be. It isn’t minimal to one person, family, or sect. That doesn’t belong come Obi-Wan, the Skywalkers, or the Jedi Order. It transcends everything. Luke, Leia, Anakin, Padme, Rey, Kylo . . . They’re just ephemeral players in the Force’s endlessly story.

When us watch in episodic order, the saga is told to us. We’re presented v a biography of one person. The story intentionally focuses on Anakin Skywalker and also centers the entire narrative ~ above his trip alone. The irony here is that, even though episodic bespeak centers the story on Anakin, it does the character a disservice. Watched in relax order, Darth Vader is a actual villain. He’s ruthless, scary, and pure evil. Our understanding of the human behind the mask slowly develops to the suggest where we find that we have actually empathy because that him. He is a facility character we both fear and also love, and it’s apparent why Kylo Ren would grow to revere him.

Watched in episodic order, Anakin starts as a delicate child and grows into a failure adult. An initial impressions matter, and because that that, the imposing figure he i do not care isn’t scary or villainous. It’s simply a damaged shell. And it leaves united state wondering why Kylo Ren and the an initial Order would look for to emulate his image. There’s a factor George Lucas started his epic an are opera in the center with illustration IV. It’s an excellent storytelling. It’s good viewing. And also it’s how’s everyone have to experience the saga.

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Dan Zehr says he likewise starts with A new Hope, but then switches come Rogue OneThe empire Strikes BackThe Phantom Menace, Attack that the Clones, Revenge that the SithReturn the the JediThe pressure Awakens, and also The critical Jedi.