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The transportation Security administration continues to change its defense operations during the COVID-19 global pandemic. We developed this webpage to provide resources and information to help passengers who travel throughout this time. is prepared to fulfill the current and future security requirements of the nation’s transport systems and remains specialized to maintaining travelers and our frontline workforce healthy and secure.

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For the latest press releases and also statements related to COVID-19, please visit our media page.

Face Masks now Required

The transportation Security management has imposed the executive, management Order on challenge masks in ~ airport security checkpoints and throughout the transport network when indoors. For an ext information, please check out our latest push release.

Any passenger that violates federal regulations, such as refusal to wear a mask in U.S. Transport systems spanned by the January 31, 2021 protection Directive and subsequent amendments, might be topic to penalties or fines. The traveler will likewise be denied PreCheck expedited screening services for a period of time.

Stay Healthy. Continue to be Secure. released the “Stay Healthy. Stay Secure.” campaign, i m sorry details proactive and protective procedures we have applied at protection checkpoints to make the screening procedure safer for passengers and our workforce by reducing the potential of exposure to the coronavirus. The project includes guidance and also resources to aid passengers prepare for the protection screening process in the COVID environment.

Click here for a printable infographic top top “What come Know before You Go.”

Traveling throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

Travelers room reminded to follow the Centers for disease Control and also Prevention (CDC) travel guidance as well as local and also state advisories about COVID-19. Beginning February 2, 2021, every airline travelers should wear a face mask transparent the take trip experience once indoors. You will be asked to change your mask for ID confirmation or if the alarms the defense screening equipment.

Travelers are also encouraged to:

Maintain a social street of six feet wherever possible while in ~ the checkpoint.Practice good hygiene, such together washing her hands regularly, including directly before and also after completing the security screening process. If the is not possible to wash her hands, please usage hand sanitizer.Arrive at the airport at an early stage to enable adequate time because that checking bags, completing security screening and also getting come the leave gate. COVID-19 has influenced staffing and operations across the plane environment, potentially adding time to your pre-flight experience.

Employees or travelers who believe they might have been in contact with a person who has actually COVID-19 should consult through their health care provider. Employees or travelers who have tested confident for COVID-19 need to seek medical attention and follow the guidance of their medical care provider and also local health and wellness department.

Passenger Volumes

Click to View a comparison of checkpoint take trip numbers (current year matches prior year(s)/same weekday).

Security Checkpoints

While defense is’s height priority, the health and safety of our employees and also the travel public is that utmost prominence to us. stays in close communication with medical professionals, the CDC, and various federal government agencies together we continue to carry out our essential mission. Listed below are part adjustments has made at security checkpoints to make the defense screening procedure safer.

Social Distancing

* has applied procedures to boost social distancing and also reduce direct contact in between our employees and also the travel public whenever feasible – there is no compromising security. Adjustments encompass increasing distance in between passengers together they enter the defense checkpoint queue and throughout the screening process, placing visual reminders of ideal spacing top top checkpoint floors, and also opening more checkpoint lanes where possible to alleviate time spent in line.

Reduced physics Contact

* is implementing a phased installation of acrylic barriers at miscellaneous points throughout the checkpoint that call for interaction in between passengers and also officers. Travelers should keep possession of their boarding pass, ar it ~ above the paper scanner and also show the boarding pass to the officer because that visual investigate while in ~ the travel file checking station.

Personal security Equipment

* policemans are compelled to wear challenge mask and also gloves. Lock may additionally choose come wear eye defense or clean plastic face shields. In addition, officers change their gloves complying with each pat-down and also upon passenger request.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

* has increased the frequency and intensity of cleaning and also disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces throughout the checkpoint consisting of security screening equipment and bins. officers are also required to adjust Explosives trace Detection swabs after every use.

Medical Exemption for Hand Sanitizer

As a short-term exemption native the 3-1-1 rule, is enabling one oversized fluid hand sanitizer container, approximately 12 ounces every passenger, in carry-on bags. Because these containers exceed the traditional allowance commonly permitted v a checkpoint, castle will need to be screened separately. This will include some time to your checkpoint screening experience. Please save in mind the all other liquids, gels and aerosols carried to a checkpoint continue to be limited to 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters carried in a one quart-size bag.’s special measures for traveling v medication.

Touchless Technology

New modern technology continues to it is in a significant priority for Right here are simply a few examples of innovations that are changing the means we perform business: 1) Computed Tomography (CT) to produce high-quality, 3-D pictures for a more thorough visual evaluation of a bag’s contents. 2) Enhanced progressed Imaging an innovation (eAIT) safely displays passengers without physical contact for dangers such as weapons and explosives, which may be surprise under a passenger’s clothing. 3) Credential Authentication modern technology (CAT) machines immediately verify identification documents presented by passengers during the defense screening process.

Expired Driver’s License and also REAL identifier Extension

If her driver"s license or state-issued id expired on or after March 1, 2020, and also you are unable to renew at her state driver’s patent agency, you might still usage it together acceptable identification at the checkpoint. will accept expired driver’s licenses or state-issued identifier a year after ~ expiration. DHS has expanded the genuine ID enforcement deadline to might 3, 2023. Learn more about actual ID on’s genuine ID webpage.

Airport Closures and Flight Cancellations does not make decisions around flight cancellations or airplane closures. This decisions space made locally, on a case-by-case basis, by individual airlines, airports and also public health and wellness officials. Before traveling, passenger should check with your airline and airports that origin and destination for the latest details on closures and also cancellations.

Supporting our Workforce

The health and also safety of our frontline workforce is paramount come In enhancement to the measures taken to protect our frontline workforce from COVID-19 transmission, we are likewise using our distinct authorities to administer them with the added support and care castle deserve during this unmatched time. This includes: 

Granting paid bureaucratic leave or excused absences (rather 보다 requiring usage of an individual leave) for those who space diagnosed through COVID-19, must self-quarantine if awaiting a COVID-19 check result, or have had actually direct contact with an infected individual.Providing for the maximum usage of telework come promote society distancing.Affording new protections and choices to employees who are members of fragile populations to fit their individual situations.

We will consistently evaluate and also adapt ours procedures and policies to keep our labor force safe as we learn much more about this devastating an illness and how it spreads. evidenced COVID-19 Cases has actually 271 employees with active COVID-19 infections. Those individuals are staying residence to assist keep the travel public safe. Since the start of the pandemic, has actually cumulatively had 11,147 federal employee test positive for COVID-19. 10,876 employees have recovered, and also 32 have unfortunately passed away after contracting the virus. We have likewise been educated that two screening contractors have pass away due to the virus. is cursed to notifying the public around airport places where employees or screening builders have tested optimistic for COVID-19. The chart listed below lists airports with confirmed COVID-19 cases and the last day worked for the many recent screening employee who tested positive. It does not incorporate non-airport employee or contractors who have limited or no interaction with the public. Passenger who believe they may have actually come in call with one infected individual within the previous 14 days need to follow the CDC’s recommendations for travel-associated exposure.

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*The chart includes employees and screening contractors who may have had direct interaction with the public at an airport location.

Face Mask Requirements

Entering the us Requirements

CDC Mask Order and Guidance 

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