The Robertson family members gained lot of of fame and also wealth together a result of your long-running A&E fact television display Duck Dynasty. However, the Robertsons had currently become quite successful prior to starring in your own collection thanks come their family business.

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Long prior to the A&E cameras began rolling, family members patriarch Phil Robertson to be a university football player v a promising experienced future (via ESPN). When Phil could have cursed to a job playing and also coaching, the knew his genuine passion to be hunting. "Playing football to be a game. Hunting was my lifestyle," Phil explained to ESPN. Phil turned down a potential gig with the NFL because he would have had actually to put duck hunting on the back burner. Ultimately, he remained true to his passion. 

According come ABC News, Phil began whittling his own duck calls and felt they were much better than noþeles he could buy in ~ the stores. Per A&E"s biography of the family"s patriarch, Phil"s Duck Commander firm was officially founded in 1973 and also he began trying to convince retailers to begin carrying his calls. However, he did not find success best away.

During his first year concentrating on his handcrafted duck calls, the made $8,000. Eventually, however, Duck Commander started to watch some success and every one of Phil"s dedication reaped significant rewards.

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By the time A&E began airing Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson"s agency had countless contracts with major outdoor retailers (via ABC News). Phil"s child Willie Robertson was connected in sales beforehand in the company, and also he at some point moved right into the role of president and also then CEO. Willie created the Buck command brand — "a hunting DVD and also gear company devoted to his love the buck hunting" (per A&E) — in 2006 and, according to The Richest, the family"s organization was precious millions before Duck Dynasty was ever created.

The reality television show debuted in in march 2012 and noted major opportunities for the whole Robertson family. By the finish of 2013, revenues for Duck Commander had actually skyrocketed many thanks to product tie-ins with the display (via Forbes). The firm generated an approximated $400 million in revenues, v Walmart audit for around half of the income.

The Robertson family took benefit of their truth television notoriety and also created dozens of license deals for a wide selection of products. Shirts, books, greeting cards, branded out gear, and the like lugged in an ext revenue and further elevated the family"s net worth.

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Phil produced some an adverse headlines transparent the run of Duck Dynasty that, at assorted times, seemed poised to threaten the family"s lucrative business deals. However, in spite of the various dramas and the series ending in march 2017, the Robertson family and also business has remained many successful. Celebrity net Worth argues that Phil has actually a net worth of about $10 million, if Willie"s network worth is in the ar of $40 million (via Celebrity net Worth).