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Larry Busacca/Getty images for TIMEJoanna and Chip Gaines at the moment 100 Gala 2019 Cocktails at Jazz in ~ Lincoln Center.

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Chip and also Joanna Gaines, the stars of HGTV‘s Fixer Upper, space each precious $10 million which brings their collective net precious to $20 million follow to Celebrity net Worth.

This is quite a jump from their collective net worth of $5 million in 2017, follow to E! News. The growth of the married couple’s fortune have the right to largely it is in attributed come their cultivation Magnolia empire.

The Gaines’ organization ventures include a storefront, brand partnerships, books and also even their very own network.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. They do $30,000 per episode of ‘Fixer Upper’

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The Gaines came to be household names ~ the breakout success of your HGTV show, Fixer Upper, i beg your pardon ran from 2013 v 2018.

Before their television debut, the pair ran their Magnolia building and construction firm in Waco, Texas i beg your pardon mimicked your on-air roles: Chip did construction and Joanna did design. As they placed it on your website, there to be “making Waco beautiful one home at a time.”

They earn $30,000 for each episode, i m sorry featured the parents-of-five recognize dilapidated residences for prospective homeowners and renovating them into dream homes, report Insider.

According to Wonderwall, they additionally opened Magnolia Realty in 2009. The outlet reported the couple rents out three properties they have renovated themselves: Magnolia House, Hillcrest Estate and also Carriage House.

2. The Gaines very own Magnolia Market

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A short article shared by magnolia (

Amid the success of your show, the Gaines decided to recreation an old organization of theirs: Magnolia Market.

The structure known together “The little Shop on Bosque” was residence to the sector from 2003 till 2006, when the pair decided to close that is doors to emphasis on your family, they described on your website. The building then ended up being the base for their construction business.

But, together Joanna created on she website, she began to feel “a pull towards reopening Magnolia Market.”

The building returned to its initial purpose, and also with farming success, it expanded to the Silos location in 2015.

Magnolia sector at the Silos boasts “a wooden teepee come adventure under, and beds filled with season produce and also flowers,” and their Magnolia particle + supply garden shop. It additionally offers a choice of baked goods.

Magnolia sector items can also be purchased on your website.

3. The Gaines have actually Partnered through Companies favor Target and also Anthropologie

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A article shared by Joanna Stevens Gaines (

If pan cannot do it come Waco, Texas, the Gaines have actually partnered with companies such together Target and also Anthropologie to lug their format home.

Their exclusive home brand because that Target, Hearth & Hand, attributes “300 pieces varying from bedding to way of living products” reported Celebrity network Worth. Joanna also designed a tradition Kitchenaid Mixer together an exclusive for the retailer.

The fan-favorite inner designer also works v Anthropologie ~ above a choice of wallpapers, rugs and also pillows.

She previously had a repertoire at Pier 1, report Today.

4. They Have collectively Released 8 Books

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The Gaines family members is chalked complete of authors, v Chip publication his latest book in march of this year. No Pain, No Gaines was the follow-up come his first solo outing, Capital Gaines: The smart Stuff ns Learned by doing Dumb Stuff.

Together, Chip and also Joanna released their book, The Magnolia Story, in 2016.

The family’s matriarch has actually a couple of books under she belt as well. She wrote two cookbooks – Magnolia Table Cookbook and also Magnolia Table, Volume 2– and Homebody, “a overview to producing spaces you never ever want to leave.”

It is not tough to watch how, given all of their other literary endeavors, that Joanna would certainly then venture into children’s literature. She composed The civilization Needs that You were Made to Be and credits “kids” together cowriters top top We room the Gardeners.

5. They are Launching Magnolia Networks

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A short article shared through Magnolia Network (

The Gaines space launching their recent media venture: Magnolia Network. The DIY Network will certainly be change the name under their brand in January 2022, reported Deadline. The outlet is relenten it together a “multi-platform media joint venture with Discovery.”

“Magnolia Network – coming soon!” the network wrote on Instagram. “There room so many stories simply waiting to be told. Story that lug us together, the encourage us to listen closer and let us see one an additional in a whole new light. Stories that aid us lean in and stand out, that attach us to our roots and also to one another. Story that make us wonder and make united state think in means we never have actually before.”

The network already has 10 shows slated to it is in previewed in one upcoming distinct on Discovery+.

“The inaugural slate of Magnolia Network originals, including a brand-new season the the Gaines‘ Fixer Upper, will certainly be available on Discovery+ on July 15, which additionally will note the launch of the Magnolia app,” explained Deadline.

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The Baylor alums previously introduced a quarterly magazine, The Magnolia Journal.

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