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Ad Fontes Media prices Washington write-up in the Skews Left group of bias and as Reliable, Analysis/Fact Reporting in regards to reliability. Washington short article is a day-to-day newspaper based in Washington, D.C., that specializes in nationwide politics. Established in 1877, the file has winner 69 Pulitzer Prizes. The short article website was launched in 1996. Since 2013, the short article has to be owned by Nash Holdings, led through Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Overall Score

The following are Washington Post’s all at once bias and reliability scores according to our ad Fontes Media ratings methodology.

Reliability: 43.85

Bias: -7.79

Panels of analysts from advertisement Fontes Media frequently review representative sample content to price it because that reliability and also bias. Each panel of experts comprises one left-leaning, one right-leaning, and also one center-leaning analyst.

The team considers a variety of determinants when rating content. To recognize its integrity score, we think about the content’s veracity, expression, the title/headline, and also graphics. We add each of these scores to the graph on a load scale, through the average of those developing the sample content’s as whole reliability score.

To determine sample content’s predisposition score, we consider its language, its politics position, and also how it compares to various other reporting or analysis from other sources top top the exact same topic. We include each of this scores come the chart on a weight scale, v the typical of those creating the content’s all at once bias score.

Reliability scores for articles and shows are on a scale of 0-64. Scores above 40 are generally good; scores listed below 24 are normally problematic. Scores in between 24-40 show a selection of possibilities, through some sources falling there since they are hefty in opinion and analysis, and also some because they have a high sports in reliability between articles.

Bias scores for articles and also shows space on a scale of -42 to +42, with greater negative scores being much more left, higher positive scores being much more right, and also scores closer to zero being minimally biased, same balanced, or exhibiting a centrist bias.

Individual content Sample Scores

These space the many recent content samples that ad Fontes Media analysts have rated because that this source.

Content Sample URLBiasReliability

Congress can’t agree on huge things. Allow billionaires handle space.

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Two young unvaccinated passengers on imperial Caribbean cruise test hopeful for coronavirus044.33
A high college valedictorian started a speech around his queer identity and also mental health. Climate his mic reduced out.-1.3342
Severe heat and also drought the hallmarks that a transforming west-0.6749.33
Opinion: Recognizing Juneteenth as a federal holiday is a hollow victory-13.3332
Opinion: Republican senators regulated to outdo us in cowardice-1926
Critical race concept ban leader Oklahoma university to cancel class that taught ‘white privilege’-6.6742.67
Opinion: The anti-‘Roe v. Wade’ activity is progressively disconnected indigenous facts-12.6729