15 points On Naked and also Afraid That are Totally Fake (And 5 That room Legit) Naked and also Afraid is uneven anything we’ve heard before. However, similar to other truth shows, exaggeration dram a key role in every episode.

The fact programming that we frequently encounter plunges us right into a people of disagreements and also drama. Over there are shows that occupational to specifically deliver the unexpected, leaving friend anxious to see what wake up next.

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On Naked and also Afraid, discovery Channel presents us v a dilemma we hope to never ever encounter in genuine life. As its website explains, “What happens once you put two complete strangers - sans apparel - in some of the many extreme atmospheres on Earth? each male-female duo is left through no food, no water, no clothes, and also only one survive item each together they effort to endure on their own.”

Indeed, the premise behind Naked and also Afraid is uneven anything we’ve heard before. However, just like other truth shows, there is a propensity for few of its facets to it is in fake. Find the end what"s fake on Naked and also Afraid and also what"s real.

Participating survivalists room supposedly only allowed to bring a single personal item. However, it appears the rules had actually already readjusted behind the scenes. Follow to former participant Honora Bowen, “My partner and also I each brought four survival items through us to Brazil, i beg your pardon is conventional for the display (reminder: the at an early stage seasons such as this one only permitted one item every person, not one and a half). He brought four knives, and I brought a water filter and also three knives. Production decided against the filter and also asked each of us if wednesday be willing to bring a fire starter.

19 Fake: The have to Hunt because that Food

~ above the show, it does seem the the participants are made to fend off for us without outside help. However, the fact is that it"s reasonably easy for them to discover food come eat. Follow to several reports, contestants insurance claim that they regulated to steal food from crew members. This contained salt, chocolate, and even some Campari. Meanwhile, one more contestant regulated to steal several packets of “Emergen-C.”

that was never officially declared if the participating survivalists receive cash for your time on the show. Behind the scenes, however, it seems that contestants room eager to complete the 21-day an obstacle because yes sir money to be made. According to Nicki Swift, stars have been payment anywhere in between $20,000 to $25,000. It is not bad at all.

17 Fake: The lack Of Medical aid For The Cast

once you’re out in the wild, a most things deserve to go wrong. In the case of participant Kim Shelton, she ended up through a severe situation food poisoning if doing the challenge. ~ above the show, it looked prefer she was just sleeping the off. However, a report native the day-to-day Mail revealed that Shelton was secretly offered two IV drips. Moreover, she was also fed bread, baby food, and rice.

True to the show’s name, the participants space left to take the challenge while completely naked. Throughout their stay though, some may choose to find creative ways come cover us up. Hence, we see some participants spanned in clothes made of leaves they uncovered in their surroundings. In a way, the show is cultivating jungle chic.

15 Fake: Fights room Instigated by The Show’s Producers

follow to Bowen’s account, “So i took a Malarone, and also right about when the kicked in, my companion started come tell me that i was lazy and needed come do more (this part was not shown), which caused the “sabotage scene.” This step again, connected an editorial muting of Luke’s words to me prior to me obtaining upset. Again, lock edited the episode to make it seem favor he simply said one heat to me and also I reaction irrationally.”

on the show, that looked favor contestant Phaedra brothers drank part dirty water and got ill together a result. In reality, brother was experiencing from food poisoning. And it was because of food provided by the crew. Together Brothers recalled to Channel guide magazine, “I told one of the Indian guys who to be a part of the crew, the I had been eating just granola bars because I to be afraid of obtaining sick from eating unsanitary food. He stated that I essential to eat protein and he make this really great chicken curry dish.”

13 Legit: Manu Toigo Contracting Dengue Hemorrhagic heat After Filming In Panama

Perhaps former Naked and also Afraid participant Manu Toigo no think anything seriously negative would happen after she got back from filming the show. However, gaining bitten by a mosquito while in Panama readjusted all that. Once she was earlier in Los Angeles, Toigo experienced headaches and also bleeding. And also later on, she to be diagnosed v dengue hemorrhagic fever. The said, Toigo doesn’t regret her suffer one bit. Follow to TMZ, Toigo remarked, “Hell no ... Most epic suffer I can ever have done.”

follow to a report fact Blurred, Naked and Afraid executive producer Steve Rankin declared that actors members are left through “an emergency radio transmitter/walkie-talkie” because that easy communication with the crew. In case there is one emergency and also they need immediate assistance, contestants are additionally given a whistle that they could use to alert the crew.

11 Fake: The cast Having No accessibility To basic Amenities

Naked and also Afraid may lead friend to think that contestants space stuck in part remote part of the world with nothing but their wits and also one survival item. In reality, participants room filming in a location where the crew is collection up in ~ proximity and they have actually several an easy amenities available. According to a report from Ranker, a previous female contestant likewise claimed the there was a clinical tent whereby you could gain vitamins.

Viewers of the display may wonder how female participants transaction with details hygiene concerns while out in the wild. Well, together it turns out, they obtain some assist from the show’s producers. During an interview through Refinery 29, Stacey Lee Osorio revealed, “Yea, you pretty much simply wear a tampon and shot to be together discrete together possible. It"s pretty uncomfortable and gross, yet at least we gain that one luxury. Thanks, Naked and Afraid.”

9 Legit: The cast Experiencing Body picture Issues

during an interview with People, Osorio additionally revealed, “Oh, God. I have actually tons of self-esteem issues. I have small breasts; I have really negative stretch clues from my pregnancies. I have a mutilated foot indigenous a lawn mower accident and I’m missing a pair toes. And also my hair was the end of control out there! Yeah, you nothing want human being to watch the stuff that you shot to hide under her clothes. I had actually to remind myself the I’m beautiful since the world in my life think ns beautiful.”

Sure, the does look prefer the show’s participants have actually been dropped turn off in the center of nowhere, but that is not the situation at all. In fact, Rankin told truth Blurred the they would choose a location where the crew is “able to put in a durable evacuation procedure, need to the require arise. We’ve gained to have access to urgent medical care, in terms of a trauma room.” In addition, over there are additionally multiple reports that the place chosen for Naked and also Afraid is constantly near a town. In fact, participants apparently encounter the citizens at times.

7 Fake: The cast Being Left to Fend because that Themselves

together Naked and Afraid supervising producer Mathilde Bittner has told truth Blurred, “We don’t offer them sandwiches at the end of the day. They will certainly ask for things–they ask because that Snickers bars and also cake and spray and also whatever–but it’s really much what you see.” together you might recall, Brothers received a full meal native the crew. It’s simply unfortunate the it made she sick.

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To assist them uncover the extraction point, Rankin stated that “they have a map, a very an easy sketch map.” However, the crew is ready to assist them if they show up to be veering turn off course. Rankin additional explained, “If they go off track during that walk, they can just have actually a little nudge from the producers.”

5 Legit: The show Failing come Showcase every The Contestants’ works Throughout The Experience

follow to a Reddit write-up by former contestant Alison Teal, “Jonathan and also I were simply discussing it! ns was like, "Wait what about the 40 ft ladder i built, and what around the fishing net i made" etc etc...BUT, as a film housing myself, city hall someone construct a fishing network for 5 job is more than likely pretty boring....sooooo assumption: v they are going for the action packed scenes and also character dynamics...”

Viewers of the show have noted that Naked and Afraid suffers indigenous continuity troubles. In one scene, participants were presented paddling a boat out to the water. And when the was presented from another angle, the boat inexplicably had actually palm trees on top. Meanwhile, a Reddit object noted, “On the an initial episode there was a scene wherein it walk from Clean Shaven Jeff, to Bearded Jeff, back to Clean Shaven Jeff. Every in the same scene.”

3 Fake: Shane Lewis" ache Misrepresented

Shane Lewis was claimed to be suffering from a young foot injury. However, the was much worse 보다 the producer led viewers to think. In fact, a report native the day-to-day Mail revealed that Lewis had damaged three that his toes simply a couple of days into their challenge. Together a result, he had actually been in continuous pain. The report also stated that Lewis didn’t appreciate being depicted as ‘pathetic’ come viewers.

back Bowen’s so late father had suggested using it, the magnifying glass was featured on the present was never ever his. Moreover, Bowen revealed, “I was also told come repeat mine words every time I described the magnifying glass together “the magnifying glass,” and also told to repeat and also call the “my dad’s magnifying glass.” This to be something i agreed to in ~ first, due to the fact that I have studied theatre my whole life. So come me, ns was appeasing the producers by mirroring them what a great actor ns was, which castle were questioning me to do.”

1 Legit: The absence Of Libido throughout The whole Experience

Osorio also told Refinery29, “We all talk and also get very intimate, since talking is all you have the right to do. However everybody loses your libido, because you feel choose you’re dying, so the last thing you think about is having sex. Yet I to be so glad to have actually my fellow survivalist, Jake, there. He was so hot. I had something come look in ~ to pass the time. And also he’s gay, therefore it was super safe.”