After they met, speculation swirled about who the an enig matchmaker because that Prince Harry and also Meghan Markle was.

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Harry and Meghan’s love story is “greater than any kind of fairy tale you’ve ever read.” but one important question that many world don’t recognize the price to: how did these 2 lovebiglossesweb.coms meet in the first place?

We currently know the a “mutual friend” introduced the pair, together Harry revealed in their an initial post-engagement interview through the BBC. Because neither of lock knew much about the other prior to their first blind date, “it was simply a really authentic and also organic means to acquire to recognize each other,” Meghan said.

But now, we can finally put a name to the an enig matchmaker: Violet von Westenholz. The daughter that a baron, von Westenholz is a childhood girlfriend of harry who likewise works in public relationships with Ralph Lauren, i beg your paglossesweb.comon is just how she met Meghan.

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“Meghan had been a part of the London social scene because that a while and also had slotted right into the high society set really easily,” a “well-placed source” said E!News. “And so when Harry said Violet he was having trouble recognize someone, Violet claimed she can just have the perfect girl for him.”

Despite Meghan gift a component of the London social scene, she didn’t understand that much about her future husband as soon as they very first met. “Because i’m from the States, you don’t prosper up v the same expertise of the royal family,” she defined during the BBC interview. “I didn’t know much around him, therefore the only thing the I had asked once she said that she wanted to collection us up, was, ‘Well is that nice?’ cause if he wasn’t kind, it simply didn’t seem favor it would certainly make sense.”

For months, people speculated the celebrity stylist Jessica Mulroney, fashion designer Misha Nonoo, or girlfriend Markus Anderson might have presented the couple. If Violet has not confirmed the rumor yet, it can’t hurt to offer her a preemptive ring of applause for orchestrating this fairy story ending.

“We space all just really happy the he lastly met a mrs he wants to invest the remainder of his life with,” a girlfriend told E!.

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