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A cruise can be a great way glossesweb.comme travel during pregnancy. But, if you’re plan to take a cruise if pregnant, over there are details things the you’ll have to be aware of.

I take it a Caribbean cruise as soon as I was 12 weeks pregnant and I’m sad to admit that i made a pair of mistakes due to the fact that I wasn’t aware of all the rules and also reglossesweb.commmendations.

Read top top for every little thing you should know about cruising if pregnant.

While you’re here, if glossesweb.commes up through a baby name is on your list still, take it a look in ~ my perform of 72 ocean-themed names for babies for some inspirtion.

Can you go on on a cruise if pregnant?

You can go top top a cruise noted that you room well enough to travel and have not entered the third trimester of your pregnant (24 weeks). glossesweb.comme be permitted to travel, you need to be much less than 24 mainly pregnant ~ above the last day of your cruise.

Is it for sure to walk on a cruise when pregnant?

If friend are having a normal, healthy and balanced pregnancy climate it is perfectly safe to go on a cruise. However, if girlfriend have any kind of pregnancy glossesweb.commplications, medical glossesweb.comnditions, previous premature births or are expecting lot of babies, her doctor may advise you no to cruise.

If you’re in any kind of doubt about whether cruising during pregnancy is safe, you should glossesweb.comntact your physician for advice.

Do you need to tell the cruise heat you are pregnant?

Most cruise lines call for that you carry a doctor’s letter which claims your estimated due date and also that you are fit to travel. However, you’re unlikely to be asked to display the letter unless your bump is obvious.

You should glossesweb.comnstantly tell your travel insurance firm that you’re pregnant to make sure that your pregnant is glossesweb.comvered. If you don’t, you may invalidate your travel insurance policy.

Hiding pregnancy on a cruise

Sneaking on a cruise pregnant is a really poor idea. Please don’t carry out it! If you walk into early labour, you might be stuck at sea v none that the infrastructure that a premature birth baby demands to save them alive.

Even if you can make it ashore over time to supply your baby, you may disglossesweb.comver yourself stuck in an additional glossesweb.comuntry because that months until your baby is well enough to glossesweb.comme home. You can face huge medical bills that aren’t spanned by your travel insurance. It’s simply not worth the risk.

The baby that was born on a cruise ship

In 2015, a infant was born ~ above a royal Caribbean cruise ship, 4 months early and also weighing just 1lb 8oz. Medical staff glossesweb.comntrolled to save him alive until the ship got to port.

Doctors at first told the mommy that the infant was dead, but later found that that was, in fact, alive. The ship reached Puerto 12 hrs later, where the infant was rushed to the hospital, before being flown glossesweb.comme Miami a glossesweb.comuple of days later.

The baby spent the next 4 months in hospital prior to being allowed home. The birth certificate said, ‘place of birth – in ~ sea’.

Can you cancel a cruise if you autumn pregnant?

It’s typical to publication a cruise glossesweb.comuntless months (or even years) in advance. If you fall pregnant in between booking her cruise and also sailing, friend may find that you’re unable to cruise since you’ll it is in too far along in her pregnancy, or you’ll have actually a newborn baby.

If this happens, friend should glossesweb.comntact your cruise line (or take trip agent) glossesweb.comme let them know.

In many cases, her cruise heat will allow you to move your cruise to another date or will problem you with a voucher because that a Future Cruise Credit.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get a glossesweb.commplete refund for her cruise, yet you may be able to claim on your travel insurance, as long as you were not aware of the pregnancy once you booked the cruise.


Cruise lines pregnant policies

Below, you will find links to the pregnancy policy for each cruise line…

Get a Disglossesweb.comunt on her Cruise

The price of your cruise will certainly be different depending on who you book it with. It’s always cheaper to usage a take trip agent with accessibility disglossesweb.comunted rates.

See the best cruise deals from all take trip agents in one place.

Of glossesweb.comurse, not all travel agents room equal in terms of the glossesweb.commpany that castle provide, and also a good travel agent is worth your weight in gold.

To glossesweb.comnclude

Cruising if pregnant have the right to be really enjoyable. I took a Caribbean cruise from brand-new York during my pregnancy due to the fact that I knew that as soon as we had actually kids, we’d be i can not qualify to be able to take that kind of trip.

As long as you know what the references are and also listen to your body, you’ll have a an excellent time on her cruise.

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