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Block IV 

The present version, dubbed the Block IV Tactical Tomahawk, or TACTOM, has a data attach that allows it to switch targets when in flight. It deserve to loiter for hours and adjust course soon on command.

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Block V 

Beginning in 2020, the U.S. Navy will certainly recertify and also modernize the missile, extending its business life through 15 years, and resulting in the brand-new Tomahawk Block V series:

Block V: A modernized TACTOM through upgraded navigation and communicationBlock Va: Block V that deserve to strike relocating targets at seaBlock Vb: Block V, through a share multi-effects warhead that have the right to hit much more diverse soil targets


U.S. And allied militaries have flight-tested the GPS-enabled Tomahawk 550 times and used it in combat an ext than 2,300 times. Its many recent use came in 2018, as soon as U.S. Navy warships and also submarines released 66 Tomahawk missiles at Syrian chemical weapon facilities.

TOMAHAWK is a U.S. Trademark the the department of the Navy, an agency of the U.S. Government. Used with permission. The figure of the TOMAHAWK note does not suggest or constitute endorsement by the U.S. Government, the department of Defense, or the room of the Navy.

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Tomahawk becomes more lethal and also versatile

The Tomahawk cruise missile has actually repeatedly changed as new technology included capabilities. (Forbes)


Navy awards marine Strike Tomahawk contract

Raytheon Missiles & Defense gets $349 million contract for maritime Strike Tomahawk quick Deployment Capability. (Defense technology Monitor)

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