This lesson is part of the nationwide Park Service’s to teach with historical Places (TwHP) program.

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) was a guy who make a difference. He was both the youngest male ever elected president the the unified States and also the an initial Roman Catholic to host that office. Those qualities reinforced for plenty of the id that any type of American could end up being president.Although JFK to be a member that an especially American household of entrepreneurs, statesmen and civic leaders, he invested the an initial four years of his childhood in a modest home in Brookline, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. Brookline"s lover tree-lined streets, good schools, and space for youngsters to beat made that an attractive place to raise a family. It to be there that climbed Kennedy and also her husband Joseph began instilling the high standards and also ambition that would certainly make the Kennedys one of America"s most renowned families.

About This Lesson

This lesson is based on the nationwide Register of historic Places registration file, "John Fitzgerald Kennedy National historic Site," and other resource materials from john F. Kennedy National historical Site (with photographs). This class was composed by Leslie C. Obleschuk, an education and learning specialist at man F. Kennedy National historic Site. It was edited by teaching with historic Places staff. This lesson is one in a series that bring the important stories of historic places right into classrooms throughout the country.

Where that fits into the curriculum

Time Period: 20th CenturyTopics: This lesson have the right to be supplied as a biographical study, an development to the Kennedy presidency and the unstable sixties, or as part of a unit top top post-World war II American history.

United States background Standards for grades 5-12

Birthplace of man F. Kennedy: residence of the Boy who Would Be chairman relates come the following National standards for History:Era 7: The development of contemporary America (1890-1930)

Standard 3A: The college student understands social tensions and also their results in the postwar era.Standard 3B: The college student understands just how a contemporary capitalist economy emerged in the 1920s.Standard 3C: The college student understands just how new cultural movements reflected and adjusted American society.

Era 9: Postwar United claims (1945 to at an early stage 1970s)

Standard 3B: The college student understands the "New Frontier" and also the "Great Society."Curriculum requirements for society Studies

National Council for the society Studies

Birthplace of man F. Kennedy: home of the Boy who Would Be chairman relates to the adhering to Social studies Standards:Theme III: People, Places, and also Environment

Standard G: The student explains how human being create places that reflect cultural values and ideals together they construct neighborhoods, parks, shopping centers, and the like.

Theme IV: Individual breakthrough and Identity

Standard C: The student describes the methods family, gender, ethnicity, nationality, and also institutional affiliations contribute to personal identity.Standard D: The student relates such components as physics endowment and also capabilities, learning, motivation, personality, perception, and behavior to individual development.

Theme X: public Ideals, and Practices

Standard B: The college student identifies and also interprets sources and also examples that the rights and also responsibilities of citizens.Standard C: The student locates, accesses, analyzes, organizes, and also applies information around selected public problems - recognizing and also explaining multiple clues of view.Standard H: The student analyzes the efficiency of selected publicly policies and also citizen habits in realizing the stated ideals that a democratic republican form of government.Standard I: The student defines the relationship in between policy statements and action plans used to deal with issues of windy concern.Standard J: The college student examines techniques designed to combine the "common good," which consider a range of choices for citizen action.
Objectives for students

1. To list the values that Joseph and Rose Kennedy tried come instill in your children;2. To determine reasons why us remember JFK today;3. To think about the results of family society or family environment and community top top the advance of character and personality;4. To investigate their family members traditions, values, interests, and also the ar they thrived up in, and also discuss the impacts these have had actually on the advancement of your personality and character.

Materials because that students

The materials noted below have the right to either be used directly on the computer or deserve to be printed out, photocopied, and also distributed to students.1. One map of john F. Kennedy National historical Site in Brookline, Massachusetts;2. Three readings that explain the Kennedy family and also the residence where JFK to be born and an excerpt indigenous JFK"s inaugural address;3. Five photographs of the Kennedy household home and family photos;4. A file recording JFK"s health and wellness record and other crucial information.

Visiting the site

John F. Kennedy National historical Site, administered by the national Park Service, is open to the public by guided tourism only, Wednesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. Till 4:30 p.m., from at an early stage May through late October. For additional information, visit the park web pages in ~

Getting StartedInquiry Question

The young in this snapshot grew up to be president of the united States. Do you know who the is?

Setting the Stage

The Kennedy story started in Ireland the 1840s, where a blight brought about the fail of 4 consecutive potato crops. Dealing with starvation, hundreds of thousands of ireland peasants left because that America. When they settled along the east seaboard, so countless ended up in Boston, Massachusetts that by 1855 more than a 3rd of the city"s population was Irish. Amongst these immigrant were Patrick Kennedy and Thomas Fitzgerald; like plenty of others, they functioned hard, married, and also raised families. Unlike any of the others, however, within little much more than 100 year these 2 immigrant families put one of their own right into the highest office in America. In 1914 their grandchildren, Joseph P. Kennedy and also Rose Fitzgerald, married and also eventually had nine children. Their second son, man Fitzgerald Kennedy, became the 35th president of the united States.

Locating the SiteMap 1: john F. Kennedy National historical Site in Brookline, Massachusetts

(John F. Kennedy National historic Site)

Questions because that Map 1 1) using a huge map the the unified States, have actually students find Boston and Cape Cod, Massachusetts, new York City, and also Washington, D.C., all locations where Kennedy lived.2) making use of the above map, note the area approximately the home the Kennedys bought in Brookline, the an initial suburb west that Boston. What features can have made the a place they want to progressive children?

Determining the FactsReading 1: The Kennedy family members Background

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (often referred to as Jack) to be born and spent his at an early stage childhood in a modest, three-story, wooden frame house at 83 Beals Street in Brookline, Massachusetts. Joseph P. Kennedy had purchased the house in anticipation the his marital relationship to climbed Fitzgerald in 1914. The family moved to a bigger home nearby in 1921 once John was four years old.The home at 83 Beals Street was constructed in 1909. That stands in a middle-class area which to be still under breakthrough when the Kennedys relocated to Brookline. They chose the ar for the spaciousness, good schools, and its proximity come the trolley lines to Boston. Joseph Kennedy did not own a car when the family first moved there, so he took the trolley to work in Boston.Joseph Kennedy had already begun his illustrious job in business and finance by the time he married. The son of a prosperous household from eastern Boston, Kennedy had attended Harvard and also graduated in 1912. The was an initial a financial institution examiner and active in real estate and at 25 he came to be president of the Columbia trust Company. In 1917 he came to be assistant general manager the the Fore flow Shipyards. It was there the he met Franklin D. Roosevelt, for whom he later served as Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Kennedy left the shipyard in 1919 to accept a position in the invest firm that Hayden, Stone, & Company, a project that introduced Kennedy into the stock market. In ~ a te he make his an initial million dollars with stocks, and he likewise invested in the fast-growing motion picture industry.Though he was shrewd and successful in business, Joseph Kennedy uncovered over time that the same men he did service with would certainly not socialize v him due to the fact that of his ireland Catholic heritage. The led him come make numerous decisions about how to safeguard his youngsters from the same problem. Because that example, he sent out his sons to a private school the was favored through well-to-do Brookline families, because he thought his boys would be much more accepted as adult if they created friendships at very early age.Rose Kennedy, married to Joseph, had actually intelligence, poise, and also a zest for living. Education in the U.S. And also in Europe, she additionally grew increase in the world of Boston politics. With her father, man F. Fitzgerald, twice mayor of Boston roughly the revolve of the century and also member that Congress, she had avenues to satisfy leading men and women in all fields, and she arisen a keen attention in existing affairs. Quickly after marriage she focused on motherhood, through the come of four youngsters in five years. She thought that elevating a family members was a profession as important and also certainly together demanding as any other.Both parental possessed a keen awareness of your heritage and how far their households had come, and also they do the efforts to construct the same sensibility in their children. Mrs. Kennedy later commented, "I think normally of my grandchildren, where they come from and how they taken place to be wherein they are. They came—on the Kennedy-Fitzgerald side—from ancestors that were fairly poor and disadvantaged with no error of your own however who had actually the imagination, the resolve, the intelligence, and also the energy to seek a newer, far better world because that themselves and also their families."1 pride in the family heritage was not the only trait the Kennedys tried to develop in your children. It remained in Brookline the the Kennedys began teaching a wide variety of worths to their children: an appreciation of the arts, a feeling of history, a soul of competition and also fierce determination, Catholic faith, the worth of publicly service, family loyalty, and physical prowess. With each other Rose and also Joseph chose what an ext they wanted for your children, and also then set out to do these points possible.1 increased Fitzgerald Kennedy, Times to Remember (New York: Doubleday and Company, Inc., 1974), 518.Reading 1 was adjusted and excerpted from the national Park Service"s visitor"s guide for man F. Kennedy National historic Site and the transcript of dental interviews with climbed Kennedy, man F. Kennedy National historical Site, 1969.Questions for reading 1 1) What type of benefits did Joseph and Rose Kennedy have actually which they hope to happen on to their nine children?2) exactly how did Rose and Joseph Kennedy"s heritage influence their lives? how did it influence the means they raised their children?

Determining the FactsReading 2: day-to-day Life at 83 Beals Street

The daily Life excerpts room from a transcript of a residence tour with climbed Kennedy, john Fitzgerald Kennedy National historic Site, 1969.Living Room We invested a lot of time in this room in the evening. Mr. Kennedy to be president that a bank and also this was his one opportunity to review the newspaper or his favourite detective stories. He would certainly sit in the red chair through the gateleg table. Us all review the Boston Transcript in the evening in those days. Usually I would sit in the soup chair by the table the contrary him. Ns can"t see that chair there is no remembering the holes in the children"s stockings. Lock wore knickers then and the boys" knee stockings constantly had feet in them. They had actually to be darned once or twice a week.When the children were all set for bed and also had said their prayers lock would involved the life room and play because that a small while before we placed them come bed....I invested a good deal that time reading to the children...I would certainly make no engagements exterior in the night so that I can be through the children to assist them v their college work, to physician their colds, or to find out what tasks they had actually been interested in throughout the day.The piano to be a wedding gift and at Christmas, with the tree over there through the southern window, I would play and we would certainly all song Christmas carols. The kids did not carry out too well through their piano lessons. Radio to be a new thing then and also they stated that civilization wouldn"t want to listen to castle play when they might hear the same songs ~ above the radio.The pictures are duplicates of famed paintings I had actually studied in the european galleries. It provided me great pleasure to have actually these duplicates in mine home and also I believed it motivation for the youngsters to flourish up v them.Master Bedroom The president was born in the twin bed, close to the window, on may 29th, 1917, at 3 o"clock in the afternoon....When you hold your infant in your arms the very first time and you think of all the things you have the right to say and also do to influence him, it"s a remarkable responsibility. What you do with him and for him can influence not only him, however everyone the meets and also not for a day or a month or a year but for time and also for eternity....When Jack was chosen president, ns thought exactly how fortunate ns was out of every the millions of mothers in the United says to be the one to have actually her son inaugurated chairman on that cold, cold day.The photos over the bed are duplicates of Italian paintings of the Madonna and Child I had seen and also liked. My mother and father offered us ireland linen bedspreads, which to be hand-embroidered with shamrocks, thistles and other irish symbols and were good treasures. The photo on Mr. Kennedy"s dresser is that his mother and father. ~ above the far wall are the classic six month images of Joe Jr., Jack, Rosemary and Kathleen. Some civilization say the all babies look alike however I have the right to tell the distinction even at that age.Nursery This bassinet has actually been supplied by Kennedy children and grandchildren in the years because Joe Jr. And Jack very first slept in it right here in the nursery. The publications were a favorite pastime. More than likely Jack"s favorite book was King Arthur and also His Knights. Ns was an extremely careful come select books which to be recommended at college or through a children"s bookshop. Mine children, however, were indifferent to these edifying selections for one of Jack"s book treasures was Billy Whiskers, a story around a goat, i beg your pardon my mother bought in a department store. The illustrations appeared to me to it is in crude and also the colors harsh yet the boys adored the stories and delighted in the totality series, pictures and also all.The christening dress in the edge was provided to me by my mother-in-law, who had it make by the Franciscan nuns in eastern Boston wherein the family members lived. Every the children and also John Jr., the president’s son, have worn this dress. The little Irish bonnet, a gift, is profusely extended with shamrocks. The chairman was baptized at Saint Aidan’s, the community church. Mother were confined for three weeks then, and so the celebration was always a small, informal family members gathering. I want the children christened as shortly as possible so ns was never current at the ceremony.There were more toys in here then the course. The chairman liked vapor engines, teddy bears and the normal boys" toys, but especially publications of adventure. You couldn"t offer a sick child a radio or a television collection then, to save him occupied, due to the fact that there to be none in 1917. We invested a most time reading and entertaining the kids here in this room, an especially when Jack had actually scarlet heat in 1920.Guest Room and Boudoir In a house this size, v the variety of children us had, this room alternated between being a guest room and later a children"s bedroom. In those job it had actually a an excellent clear see down the street and also was a very pleasant room. That is furnished an extremely much favor our very own bedroom v the irish linen bedspread and the silver toilet set.I used this smaller sized room together a study. Top top the workdesk is among my wedding invitations and also some early on photographs of mine family. Right here I did my correspondence and also kept a card file on the children"s health. The was a most advantageous system. Ns purchased a card record from the stationers near here and also recorded every the essential information about each that the children. It assisted so lot to have the ability to check ago on symptoms of illness, weight, diet and all the crucial information, such together vaccinations, schick tests, confirmation dates, et cetera. I would certainly recommend this idea to any kind of mother.Dining Room This dining room might well have actually been the most vital room in the home for much of our family members life. If they were small, the kids had your meals in ~ the table through the window. The silver napkin rings and the porringers were supplied by the president and also his older brother and also carry your monograms. The silver tea set and coffee server to be wedding presents. The china was additionally a gift from my sister-in-law, Margaret Kennedy Burke, who painted the yellow border at Notre Dame Convent as soon as she was a student. The kids never knew which one would certainly be referred to as upon come say grace prior to meals, for this reason they were all on your toes. On holidays i remember us would discuss the events which were being commemorated, such as the battle in Lexington and Concord on April 19th. ~ above Sundays we would talk around the gospel at Mass. If castle didn"t pay fist one Sunday they would certainly the following as they knew they would be questioned.We didn"t do lot formal to chat here. We desired to have informal dinners with a few friends. Cocktail next were no customary in those days. A little wine or champagne was offered at weddings and also christenings.

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Kitchen There top top the range you watch the p pot. We always ate Boston baked beans ~ above Saturday nights. Warmed over for Sunday morning breakfast they were perfectly delicious v brown bread....With every the infant bottles to it is in sterilized, formulas to prepare and meals to cook this kitchen to be a really busy place. Throughout those hectic hours I would placed the baby in the stroller, take it two kids by the hand, and also with the dog following close behind, set out for the edge grocery store. ~ above the way back we would certainly usually stop for a visit at Saint Aidan"s church. I want my kids to realize the church was for every work in the week and also not simply for Sunday....We were really happy here and also although we did no know around the job ahead, us were enthusiastic and optimistic about the future.Questions for analysis 2 1) What impressions go you form about what life was favor for the Kennedys in between 1917 and also 1921?2) What kind of atmosphere or family setting did the Kennedys provide for your children?3) What items presented in the home reflected the Kennedy"s values and beliefs?4) What type of info did rose Kennedy record in her card file? Why did she keep a record on each child?