JAKARTA - ~ above February 11, 2012, American soul singer and actress Whitney Houston was discovered dead in a bathtub in a Beverly Hills Hilton hotel room. She passed away just prior to the Grammy Awards held. That was shown that Houston drown accidentally. But heart disease and cocaine use are the contributing factors.

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Cited native The Guardian, Thursday, February 11, Houston died hours prior to she appeared at the pre-Grammy party the was organized at the Beverly Hilton. Houston was among the best-selling artists in the world at the peak of she career: the 80s and 90s.

Houston sold much more than 170 million copies of albums. Among the hundreds of awards, Houston got two awards from the Emmy Awards and six from the Grammy Awards.

Houston"s 1985 debut album sold millions. Saving all My Love for You made her won her first Grammy award, for finest female pop singer.

Whitney Houston (Source: Commons Wikimedia)

Born for greatness

Houston appeared born come greatness. She is the daughter that singer Cissy Houston, cousin that "60s popular music diva Dionne Warwick, and goddaughter that Aretha Franklin. Houston began singing in church as a child.

In she teenage life, Houston was the backing singer for Chaka Khan and Jermaine Jackson. While she easily developed hits, such as I Wanna Dance v Somebody (Who Loves Me) and Saving all My Love because that You, Houston additionally brought film success about the world: The Bodyguard. The film likewise includes she signature hit, I Will always Love You.

Her to mark glossesweb.comce and image, in addition to her skyrocketing record sales, was accompanied by the abuse of drink and also drugs. She public appearances were erratic, and also she admitted to utilizing cocaine, marijuana, and pills that maintained her native hitting the high notes she offered to carry out in she prime.

Tribute come Whitney Houston (Source: Commons Wikimedia)

Apart from an individual issues, Houston has great affection amongst her music market peers. An emotionally tribute to be paid hrs after news of her death broke.

"I am truly saddened come hear the news the Whitney"s passing", legendary music producer Quincy Jones stated in a statement.

"I always regret no having had actually the possibility to job-related with her. She is fully original and has unparalleled talent. I will miss her really much".

Neil Portnow, chairman of the record Academy, which runs the Grammys, claimed the Grammy Awards show producers were in search of ways to honor the singer in front of her many friends in the audience. Standing on the red carpet external the hotel, Portnow stated they would certainly "try come celebrate she life" and named Houston one of the type singers whose work-related was surprising.

Not drugs, but a heartbreak

Grief come Whitney Houston (Source: Commons Wikimedia)

Houston married the heart singer Bobby Brown in 1992, the year The Bodyguard made her a renowned acting star. Yet their marital relationship was full of trials.

Brown has been arrested numerous times on many charges, including domestic violence. The marriage finished in divorce in 2007.

At the time, Houston additionally had two periods of rehabilitation. She finally showed up on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2010 to declare herself clean.

In one interview through Rolling Stone in 2018, Brown claimed drugs were no the factor Houston died. Instead, Brown said, Houston to be "heartbroken".

"She really functioned hard on it s her trying to stay sober and also she to be a good woman", he said, speak something rather played a role in she death.

Brown go on come say the the drug usage the Houston admitted to be the many misunderstood thing about her. Houston and also Brown"s only child, Bobbi Kristina Brown, died three year later.

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Kristina passed away in 2015 in a very comparable manner. The 22-year-old woman was found unconscious and also drowned in a bathtub and passed away months later on in hospital.

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