As the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana"s death nears, her sister, Lady sarah McCorquodale, reveals new insight right into the life and also death that the british royal.

— -- In a brand-new BBC documentary, Prince William and Prince take care of reveal how they learned around their mother"s heartbreaking death in 1997 and how your father, Prince Charles, and also grandmother Queen Elizabeth comforted lock in the aftermath.

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"One of the hardest points for a parental to have to do is come tell your youngsters that your other parent has actually died," Harry claimed in the documentary, "Diana, 7 Days."

Princess Diana's brothers speaks: 'This to be a special person ... Not just a beautiful one'

"How you address that? ns don"t know. Yet you know, he to be there because that us. He was the one out of 2 left, and he make the efforts to perform his best and also to make sure that us were protected and looked after," Harry said of Charles. "But you know, he was glossesweb.coming v the very same grieving procedure as well."

"I remember simply feeling totally numb, disorientated, dizzy," wilhelm said. "You feel very, very confused. And also you keep asking yourself, "Why me?" every the time, "Why? What have actually I done? Why? Why has actually this taken place to us?""

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William and Harry to be 15 and 12, respectively, as soon as their mother died in a car crash in Paris.

The young princes were vacationing at Balmoral lock in Scotland through their father as soon as they heard the news that Diana"s death. Queen Elizabeth to be criticized at the moment for shielding the guys from the general public and permitting them come grieve in private, but William and Harry have praised her decision.

William reflected on the facility feelings he and also his brothers were having in the immediate consequences of Diana"s death and also the brave encounters they make the efforts to put on in public, saying, "I think it to be a an extremely hard decision for my grandmother to make."

"She felt an extremely torn in between being a grandmother come William and Harry and also her queen role," william added.

Harry said, "It was a instance of "How perform we permit the boys grieve in privacy but, at the exact same time, when is the appropriate time for them to placed on their prince hats and also carry out duties?""

The royal family members went to Crathie Kirk Church near Balmoral Castle quickly after Diana"s death and also upon their return viewed numerous floral tributes and also notes laid outside the castle"s gates. "I was very touched through it, yet none of the sank in," William stated in the film.

"All i cared about was, I"d lost my mother, and I didn"t desire to be where I was ... Once we out and also do things choose that, in order not to totally and utterly break down, we need to put ~ above a little of a game face," william said. "And you have to be quite strong about it due to the fact that otherwise you"re a mess."

Harry said, "Looking now, most likely the last point I wanted to carry out was review what other human being were saying about my mother."

"Yes, it to be amazing. It was incredibly moving to know, yet at the point, i wasn"t there. Ns was still in shock," the added.

William and Harry also shared exactly how their granny hid the papers from them at Balmoral castle at the time so they would not be conscious of the intense media coverage and also the details of their mother"s death.

"Back then, obviously, there to be no smartphones or anything choose that, so you couldn"t acquire your news, and thankfully in ~ the time, to be honest, we had actually the privacy come mourn and collect ours thoughts and also to have actually that room away native everybody," wilhelm said. "We had actually no idea that the reaction to her death would be quite so huge."

The documentary explores William"s and also Harry"s feelings about walking behind Diana"s coffin in the funeral procession — which still haunts them, two decades later.

Harry, the fifth in line for the throne, told Newsweek this spring, "I don"t think any kind of child should be inquiry to carry out that, under any kind of circumstances. I don"t think the would happen today."

The brothers explained the behind her flower-draped casket together a "group" decision. They were unwilling to allude fingers at who compelled them come walk in the funeral cortege while they were still grieving.

Harry elaborated, sharing that, in retrospect, that was grateful to participate in the procession and also to do his mother "proud."

"Generally, ns don"t have an opinion ~ above whether the was best or wrong. I am glad i was part of it. Looking earlier on that now, ns am really glad ns was component of it," Harry stated in the documentary.

William said, "It wasn"t straightforward decision, and it was kind of a collective family decision to carry out that. That was among the hardest points I have ever done."

He added that there was "this element of duty and also responsibility that you need to do points you don"t want to do."

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"I need to say the whenever it i do not care that an individual as behind her mother"s funeral cortege, it it s okay to an additional level that duty," the said. "But I simply kept thinking around what she would want and also that she"d be proud the Harry and I being able to through it."

He included that that was complicated to "balance between me being Prince William and having to do my bit, versus the exclusive William who simply wanted to in a room and also cry due to the fact that he"d shed his mother."

William defined how the bowed his head, hoping to hide behind his long bangs. "It was kind of prefer a small tiny little bit of safely blanket," that said. "I recognize it sounds ridiculous, yet at the moment I feeling if i looked in ~ the floor with my hair in mine face, no one could see me."

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Harry said, "I was just so concentrated on obtaining it done and also doing every little thing that to be asked the me there and also then and making certain that i did my mother proud."

He stated he nearly cracked and broke down throughout the funeral service, particularly when he listened come a poignant musical dedication come his mom inside Westminster Abbey.

"Elton John"s tune was very emotional. That was part of this whole create system, which nearly brought me come the allude of crying in public, which ns didn"t do," take care of said.

Perhaps most heartbreaking was William"s and also Harry"s anger in ~ what occurred in the Pont d"Alma tunnel in Paris immediately after the car that Diana to be traveling in crashed. Bystanders watched their mother as she lay dice in the wreckage and, instead of giving help, take it gruesome photos for profit.

"I think one of the hardest points to pertained to terms through is the truth that the human being that chased her into the tunnel were the same civilization that were taking photographs of she while she to be still dice in the backseat of the car," harry said. "And William and I know that. We"ve been told that numerous times by world that understand that that was the case."

He continued, "She"d had actually a quite severe head injury, yet she was very much still alive in the backseat and also those civilization that, that caused the accident, instead of helping, were acquisition photographs of her dying in the backseat, and those photographs may have actually made their way back to news workdesks in this country."

The brothers admitted the they questioned their imperial duty.

"Years after, I spent a long time in mine life through my head hidden in the sand, thinking, i don"t want to be Prince Harry. Ns don"t want this responsibility. I don"t want this role. Watch what"s taken place to mine mother. Why walk this have actually to happen to me?," harry said.

With time, however, William and Harry are currently even more dedicated, provided the occasions surrounding Diana"s death, to carry on her legacy.

"Now all I want to do is shot and to fill the holes that my mother has left, and that"s what it"s around for united state — is do the efforts to make a difference and in do a difference, making her proud," bother said. "She was the Princess that Wales, and she stood for so many things, but deep under inside because that us, she was a mother. And we will miss our mother, and also I wonder every solitary day what it would be like having actually her around."

William said, "I wouldn"t allow it break me. I wanted it to make me."

"I wanted her to be proud the the human I would become, and I didn"t desire her concerned or her tradition to be that William or bother were fully and utterly ravaged by it," that added. "She loved Harry and also I dearly, also so the I deserve to sit below after twenty years and ns still feel the love. I still feel that warmth two decades on, i beg your pardon is a huge testament to her."

"If I can be even a portion of what she was, I"ll be proud, and also I"ll hopefully make her proud in what I"ve done," wilhelm said.

"Diana, 7 Days" likewise features candid understanding from her brother lord Charles Spencer she sister Lady sarah McCorquodale, who has actually rarely talked since Diana"s fatality on Aug. 31, 1997.

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Lady McCorquodale said Queen Elizabeth "did absolutely the right thing" in protecting William and also Harry at Balmoral, adding, "If ns was her, ns would have done that."

She additionally recalled gift "angry" at the news coverage ~ the car accident that declared Diana"s life and said she still wonders why Diana was not wearing her seatbelt top top the night she died.

"She was spiritual in placing on she seatbelt," Lady McCorquodale said. "Why didn"t she placed it on that night? I"ll never know."

Speaking the the news coverage, Lady McCorquodale recalled, "There was a period of two hours and I was talking obviously to other members of mine family and learned the she hadn"t make it, and for this two hrs the presenters on every news channel to be saying "injured however expected to make a full recovery.""