How old were the golden Girls? who was the oldest gold Girl? that was the youngest gold Girl? 

When the show started in 1985, Betty White (Rose) and also Bea Arthur (Dorothy) to be both 63. Estelle Getty, that played Dorothy"s mother Sophia, was in reality a year younger than Bea Arthur in ~ 62 - apparently she sat in the makeup chair because that two hrs a work to get her Sophia on. Rue McClanahan (Blanche) was a positively sprightly 51 as soon as the display premiered. 


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Are the gold Girls tho alive? 

Betty White is the only living golden Girl together of this creating in summer 2021. She to be born January 17, 1922 therefore she"s at this time 99 year old!

Estelle Getty died in 2008 at period 84. Bea Arthur passed away in 2009 at age 86. Rue McClanahan passed away in 2010 at age 76. 

How numerous seasons of golden Girls space there? when did the golden Girls air? 

The gold Girls ran from 1985-1992 because that 7 seasons and 180 episodes. 


Where can I watch the gold Girls online? 

As the summer 2021, the finest place to discover it is ~ above Hulu. 

Who sang the gold Girls layout song? 

The producers want a Bette Midler song, yet it was as well expensive. The song we all know and also love, "Thank You for Being a Friend," written by Andrew Gold and performed by Cynthia Fee

Did the golden Girls acquire along in actual life?

So, this seems like it was type of a touchy subject. The ladies seemed to have a decent working relationship - operative words being "decent" and "working relationship." they had worked together in various combinations on other shows in the past.

In Rue"s memoir, she states that she love working v Bea Arthur, and also it seems choose Rue, Betty, and Estelle all obtained along quite well. 

Bea was quoted as saying it to be a "brilliant functioning relationship" amongst the 4 women. 

But Betty White has actually said that she feels that Bea Arthur to be annoyed by she - in 2011, she told the town Voice, "She was not that fond that me. She discovered me a ache in the neck sometimes. It was my positive attitude — and that make Bea mad sometimes. Sometimes if i was happy, she"d it is in furious!"

OK, so taking every one of this right into account, the sounds like Bea Arthur was type of a curmudgeonly Dorothy Zbornak type in actual life, yet these 4 women did work long hrs on set. Like, they"re at work and also sometimes your coworkers stroked nerves you after ~ a lengthy day! 

 So, by every accounts, they had a pretty good relationship because that coworkers - they weren"t besties, however they obtained along pretty fine at the office, hung the end at work events together, and went come bigger events like each other"s date of birth parties. Therefore we"d say the yes, for the many part, they got along. 




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