Zendaya and Bella Thorne make the leap native childhood roles into adult stardom roughly the exact same time. Both found their footing as Disney Channel stars, starring in the collection Shake it Up together. Though they’ve long since moved on, fans are still nostalgic because that their at an early stage days.

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Over the years, some have actually speculated around their friendship — or rivalries. In 2021, Zendaya was shown a snapshot of her and Bella Thorne posing for the camera that lugged up part memories the their beforehand days with each other on set.

Zendaya and Bella Thorne collaborated top top set

Disney tends to maintain a chop of young stars and cast lock in various projects over and over. This was definitely the instance for Zendaya and Bella Thorne. They mutual sets more than once.

Their connected rise come fame began with the TV seriesShake the Up, which premiered in 2010. Lock play teens from Chicago who land spots on a local present as dancers, and the series follows their attempts to make it big and follow their dreams to stardom. The series ran for 3 seasons, and it developed a link in between Zendaya and Thorne that was absolutely played up because that Disney fans.

The pair functioned together on the set of number of shorts as component of the promotional products forShake it Up. They likewise both starred in the 2012 Disney filmFrenemies.

Zendaya recalled the ‘good times’ ~ above the collection of ‘Shake it Up’


(L-R): Bella Thorne and Zendaya in ‘Shake that Up’ | Craig Sjodin/Disney Channel via Getty Images

Zendaya spoke withBritish Vogue because that a September 2021 interview. She looked back at an Instagram photograph of her and Thorne posing. Zendaya took a minute to mock their silly pose before remarking around just exactly how young castle were. “We were cultivation up together. Us were prefer 13, 14 in this picture?” Zendaya reflected.

She goes on come recall part times the pair had together off the set. They to be in school together, but Zendaya remembers the it would basically simply be the 2 of castle in the classroom, which offered them plenty of time for lengthy discussions. She additionally pointed come a time the Thorne came to her home to bake cupcakes. Zendaya then wistfully sighed, saying “good times” around her healthy memories.

Fans thought there was a feud between Zendaya and also Bella Throne

Zendaya praised Bella Thorne for being "strong and also courageous and beautiful inside and also out" after she shamed #TheView's Whoopi Goldberg for telling her she shouldn't take it nude photos. Https://t.co/fUvENrwVHm pic.twitter.com/flww5huK1Q

— E! News (

Zendaya’s storage of the time on the set ofShake it Up it seems to be ~ joyful. However fans at one time were persuaded the young stars go not prefer each other. From previous reports, it appears that the two were in a pretty too much rivalry in their at an early stage days, which is as soon as the photo Zendaya reflected on to be taken.

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Still, things didn’t remain so icy. The two had an moral conversation around their feeling of being pitted against one another. “And then second season we type of just had this tell-all talk wherein we began crying and also really just put every little thing out over there on the table, and that’s as soon as we ended up being best friends,” Thorne said J-14 in 2017.

It’s quite mature for two teens in the harsh glare the the spotlight to have the ability to make the recognition and also have a conversation around it, and also it helped to construct a structure for a solid friendship.Thorne and also Zendaya have continued to voice support for one an additional as each has actually gone onto their very own individual career courses with much more mature roles.

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