XXXTentacion, bornJahseh Dwayne Onfroy, died at the age of 20 on Monday (June 18) after gift fatally shot during an equipped robbery in Deerfield Beach, Florida, has confirmed. Follow to reports, the was uncovered without a pulse in his vehicle and was easily transported come a adjacent trauma center.

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X has been a controversial figure in music while building one the the most loyal fanbases despite a well-documented legal history. The 20-year-old began making music ago in 2013 and also played an integral function in the burgeoning SoundCloud generation that rap. The is likewise partly responsible because that the distorted sonic that has arised out that the southern Florida an ar in hip-hop.

In 2016, XXXTentacionfully invested self in music and moved in with fellow rapper Denzel Curry. The was already friends with Ski Mask The Slump God as well, together the pair had collaborated on tracks in the past. By this point, X’s legal background began to mount after he collected charges indigenous a pair of incidents for robbery, attack with a deadly weapon, and then evil tampering, false imprisonment and also aggravated battery of a pregnant woman.

The following year, X started his meteoric increase after re-releasing his viral solitary “Look at Me,” i beg your pardon peaked in ~ No. 34 ~ above the warm 100. Some believe Drake’s flow on More Life‘s “KMT” was reminiscent that X’s. In respectable 2017, the Florida-bred rapper’s debut album, 17, come in in ~ No. 2 ~ above the 200, relocating 86,000 devices in the very first week. The genre-blending artist to be voted in by the fans because that the 10th point out on the XXL Freshman perform of 2017.

Onfroywas facing much more charges that consisted of domestic violence stemming from a 2016 relationship. ~ being found of violating his link in December, he was released on residence arrest. A judge moved him off house arrest in March for this reason he might tour in stimulate to do a living. He was still awaiting trial and facing 15 felony dues he was accused of later on in 2018.

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XXXTentacionunleashed his sophomore album, ?, in March. The set earned 131,000 devices in the first week. ? gave X his first No. 1 album ~ above the 200, it is provided by a pair the singles, consisting of his highest-charting occupational to date, “Sad!,” i beg your pardon peaked in ~ No. 7 on the hot 100. During his career, X had actually 16 records land ~ above the warm 100.