As anyone who’s watched much more than a couple of episodes the Star Trek: The original Series can testify, among the defining qualities of william Shatner’s Captain James T. Kirk is the the guy never misses a opportunity for romance, no matter what world his potential partner is from.

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But together Shatner self angrily points the end in a now classic 1986 Saturday Night Live skit, fantasy and reality frequently don’t meet. For this reason what has actually the actor’s yes, really romantic life been like? Is that the same suave ladies’ man we see wooing green-skinned Orion women on the screen?


While in real life william Shatner has never dated any emerald-hued beauties as far as we know, he has actually tied the knot more often than most. In between 1956 and 2020, Shatner has actually been married 4 times. Most of his marriages have finished in divorce if his briefest union, tragically, ended in his wife’s death.

Like countless actors, william Shatner’s career started not in former of a camera but on the stage. A aboriginal Canadian, Shatner join the Canadian nationwide Repertory Theatre not long after graduating from mcgill University and began performing as a classical Shakespearean actor in 1954. Two years later on — the very same year the made his Broadway debut through Christopher Marlowe’s Tamburlaine the Great — the future Star Trek lead married actress Gloria Rand.

The marital relationship lasted 13 years and along the way Rand provided birth to 3 daughters who continue to be Shatner’s only children: Leslie, Lisabeth, and Melanie. Their union weathered Shatner’s increase to fame v the premiere that Star Trek: The original Series in 1966. In 1969, the same year the iconic series was cancelled, Shatner and also Rand divorced.


William Shatner’s next marital relationship was as soon as again come an actress. While many of his wives would certainly prove to be performers, Marcy Lafferty — that Shatner married in 1973 — was the only among Shatner’s pair to reap a long display screen acting career, including showing up with she husband on TV and the huge screen a number of times. She landed multiple one-offs on her husband’s popular police drama T.J. Hooker, a part in the outrageous 1982 comedy Airplane II: The Sequel, and she even served ~ above the bridge of the Enterprise together Chief DiFalco in 1979’s Star Trek: The motion Picture.

While eventually their marriage finished in divorce, wilhelm Shatner’s union to Lafferty would survive much longer than any kind of before or since. Your divorce to be finalized 23 year after their marriage in 1996 — the exact same year the former Captain Kirk’s short-lived series TekWar premiered top top Canadian TV.


As Shatner grew older, the period gaps between himself and also his brides grew larger. There were only two years difference between Shatner and also Rand. He was 42 once he married Lafferty in ~ 27. In 1997, at the period of 66, Shatner bound the knot v Nerine Kidd, that was 38 at the time. Unfortunately, Kidd didn’t live to view 41.

William Shatner and also Kidd married in 1997, and also the Star Trek actor would later speak to the national Enquirer (via E Online) saying the his previous wife’s “serpent that alcoholism” was what took her from him. The actor defined multiple attempts to assist her with her condition including medication and also two continues to be in rehab facilities. In fact, Shatner said their marital relationship happened since Kidd told that it would aid beat she addiction.

Shatner filed because that divorce from Kidd in 1998, yet he told the nationwide Enquirer this was component of a “tough love” strategy said by a psychiatrist. They to be still with each other in 1999 and the actor defined her regularly sneaking alcohol any way she could get it, consisting of hiding vodka in water bottles. Three days prior to she died, Shatner said Kidd he was leaving she for good. The night the her fatality — less than a month after she fortieth date of birth — Shatner found Kidd in ~ the bottom of their pool. According to the LA Times, one autopsy identified Kidd dived into the pool, hit her head on the bottom, and lost consciousness. She blood-alcohol level to be 0.27%: over 3 times the legal driving limit.

In his 2018 memoir Live lengthy and… What i Learned along the Way (via Meaww), william Shatner wrote of his horrific period of grief adhering to Kidd’s death, consisting of considering suicide. With a new millennium, however, come a new chance for love. In 2001, in ~ the age of 70 Shatner married the 41 year-old steed trainer Elizabeth Anderson Martin. Sadly, liek the actor’s other marriages, the didn’t last.

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In December 2019, TMZ damaged the news the pair to be divorcing after 18 year of marriage.