In a seven-minute clip post on his YouTube channel, he spoke passionately about the "magic" that produced the series


Will Smith had actually even more fun moments left for fans in the "Fresh Prince that Bel-Air" reunion.

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On Thursday, the rapper-turned-actor-turned-mogul dropped much more nostalgic jewel from the 30th anniversary distinct of the iconic "90s display on his YouTube channel. In the seven-minute clip, the "Gemini Man" star speak passionately around the "magic" that created the series.

"The casting," the explained. "It"s among those things. You cannot buy or fake chemistry. When people vibe, when human being are in sync and in tune and also in harmony, you can"t fake that. And also when you have actually it, it create magic."

The currently 52-year-old recalled the an initial time he stepped ~ above the collection of the new Prince, in ~ the age of 21, and feeling intimidated because he was surrounded by gibbs whereas he was a climbing rapper.

"Everybody in that actors has more experience 보다 me," the said prior to showing a clip of Alfonso Ribeiro"s (Carlton"s) audition tape, which do the gibbs question, "And they picked me?"

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Will Smith"s Craziest watch on The new Prince of Bel-Air

As fans who watched the unique will remember, Smith rejoined with former co-star Janet hobtration (the original Aunt Vivian) ~ 27 years. In his YouTube video, Smith confirmed the duo reflecting on your reunion.

"Janet hosted a floor of authenticity and also dignity that, at 21 year old, ns didn"t see as plainly as I see today," the expressed.

Hubert also spoke her peace, adding, "I need to say, after ~ 27 years, being right here today and also having the conversation Will and also I had together, the moments that we common the other day, it"s healing."

The hour-long special, which to be released on HBO Max critical month, also featured Tatyana Ali (Ashley), Karyn Parsons (Hilary), Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey), Ross Bagley (Nicky), DJ Jazzy Jeff (Jazz) and also the second Aunt Viv, Daphne Reid. The cast additionally honored the late, an excellent James Avery, who played Uncle Phil, who plenty of of the stars have actually said in previous interviews was the anchor that the series.

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To memory the 30 years because "Fresh Prince that Bel-Air" do its tv debut, AirBNB is giving Los Angeles County residents the possibility to remain overnight at the top mansion.
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