Country singer Tom T. Hall passed away on Friday, Aug. 20, at his house in Franklin, Tenn. Dean Hall, Tom’s son, announced the news ~ above Twitter later that day yet didn’t specify the 85-year-old’s cause of death. “Our family members asks for privacy during this daunting time,” Dean added.

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The country Music room of Fame, which inducted Tom into its ranks in 2008, hailed him together a songwriting storyteller v songs “distinguished by your narrative quality, their wealthy detail, and their keen understanding into the beauty beauty of everyday life.”


According to the nation Music hall of Fame, Tom was born on may 25, 1936, in Olive Hill, Ky. He to be a musical prodigy, composing his an initial song, “Haven’t i Been an excellent to You,” at period 9. And also in his teen years, Tom play bluegrass through The Kentucky Travelers, his first band.

After his army service, Tom came to be a radio DJ in Virginia, and his music obtained the fist of a Nashville publisher who offered Tom’s tune “D.J. Because that a Day” to Jimmy C. Newman, that made that a top 10 monitor in 1964. The complying with year, Tom score his an initial No. 1 hit through Johnnie Wright’s rendition that his tune “Hello Vietnam.”

Songs like “The Year that Clayton Delaney Died” and “Harper valley PTA” raised Tom’s profile — and also his net worth.

By the 1970s, Tom was to sing his own music, and also his No. 1 songs the decade consisted of “A week in a nation Jail,” “The Year the Clayton Delaney Died,” “(Old Dogs, youngsters and) Watermelon Wine,” “I Love,” “Country Is,” “I Care,” and also “Faster equines (the Cowboy and also the Poet).”

Tom also penned the struggle Jeannie C. Riley song “Harper valley PTA,” i beg your pardon earned Jeannie a CMA Award and a Grammy Award and spawned a film and also a TV show of the very same name.

With hits favor these, Tom reportedly had a network worth that $5 million at the time of his death.

The Kentucky native’s music didn’t just appeal to adults: Tom likewise catered come the younger collection with his 1974 album “Songs that Fox hole (for kids of all Ages),” which consisted of tracks favor “Sneaky Snake,” “How to talk to a tiny Baby Goat,” and also “The track of the One Legged Chicken.” and his 1995 album “Country Songs for Children” featured the song “Randy Raccoon” and “Let’s beat Remember.”

Tom met the late songwriter Dixie room at a BMI compensation banquet, whereby she was accepting one award because that her work on the Dave Dudley song “Truck Drivin’ boy of a Gun.” After their 1968 wedding, Tom and Dixie and supported other bluegrass musicians, operation music posting companies and also a record studio on their Nashville-area farm, Fox Hollow. And in 2004, the couple earned the global Bluegrass Music Association’s Distinguished achievement Award. Dixie passed away in 2015 at age 80.

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Country Music hall of call CEO Kyle Young payment tribute come Tom on Friday in the wake of the songwriter’s death. “Tom T. Hall’s masterworks vary in plot, tone, and tempo, but they are bound by his ceaseless and unyielding empathy for the triumphs and also losses of others,” Kyle said, every CNN.

“He created without referee or anger, giving a rhyming journalism the the heart that sets his compositions personal from any other writer. He to be a storyteller, a philosopher, a whiskey maker, a novelist, a poet, a painter, a benefactor, a letter writer, a gift giver, a gentleman farmer, and many an ext things.”

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