As a ripe year-old, Tiger do a bold commitment come his father, Earl: ns going to be professionally excellent

he is the job victories leader among energetic players on the PGA TOUR, and is the job money perform leader.

Tiger is the child of Earl Woods, a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, and his wife, Kultida, a native of Thailand. He was nicknamed Tiger ~ a Vietnamese soldier and friend the his father, Vuong Dang Phong, to who his dad had also given that nickname.

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He thrived up in Cypress, California. He took an interest in golf at period 6 months, watching together his dad hit golf balls into a net and also imitating his swing. He showed up on The Mike Douglas display at age 2, placing with Bob Hope. That shot 48 because that nine feet at age 3 and was featured in Golf Digest at period 5.

Tiger played in his an initial professional competition in 1992, at age 16, the Los Angeles Open, and also made the 36-hole cut and also tied because that 34th place in the 1994 Johnnie Walker asian Classic in Thailand, He entered Stanford university in 1994 and in 2 years he winner 10 collegiate events, concluding with the NCAA title.

Woods compiled among the most impressive amateur documents in golf history, winning 6 USGA national championships before turning professional on august 27, 1996. The concluded his amateur career by winning an unprecedented third consecutive U.S. Amateur title, finishing with a record 18 consecutive match-play victories.

The week after winning his 3rd U.S. Amateur title, Woods play his very first tournament as a expert in the higher Milwaukee Open. The was among only seven occasions left in 1996 for him come finish among the peak 125 money winners and earn a player’s map for the PGA TOUR. He winner twice and placed among the height 30 money winners.

Woods won four PGA TOUR events in 1997, add to one overseas, and was the leading money winner. He accomplished No. 1 ~ above the Official world Golf Ranking for the many rapid progression ever before to the position. On June 15, 1997, in his 42nd week as a professional, Woods ended up being the youngest-ever No. 1 golfer at age 21 years, 24 weeks.

Woods won eight times on the PGA tour in 1999 (11 worldwide), including the PGA Championship. That won four consecutive PGA TOUR events to finish the year and started 2000 through two more victories for a full of six in succession.

In 2000, Woods won 11 events, consisting of three skilled majors in the same year, and additionally became the an initial player since 1936-37 to win the PGA Championship in continually years. Woods won five times, consisting of the Masters, in 2001 and eight time worldwide. The won five times again on tourism in 2002, and also seven time worldwide, and was the TOUR’s leading money winner because that the 4th consecutive year.

He won a total of 20 times from 2003-06, lead the TOUR’s money perform twice and captured four majors. Woods joined Nicklaus as the just player to victory the cool Slam twice. His emotional success the complying with year in ~ the British open at imperial Liverpool came two months after his father’s death. He winner the 2006 PGA Championship by 5 strokes at Medinah CC, the very same venue whereby he won the occasion in 1999.

He began 2007 through his saturday consecutive PGA tourism victory and also ended the year v a full of seven main wins, consisting of a second-consecutive PGA Championship. In 2008, that won 4 of 6 PGA tourism events, consisting of his 14th significant at the U.S. Open—his last occasion of the year before season-ending knee surgery—plus the Dubai Desert Classic, and also finished second on the tourism money perform in just six starts. At his major win in ~ Torrey Pines, Woods sank a 12-foot birdie putt ~ above the 72nd feet to pressure an eventual 19-hole playoff (tied in ~ even-par 71 after ~ 18 holes) the adhering to day. He later revealed that he had actually played the tournament with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee and also a twin stress fracture in the exact same leg.

In 2009, he returned to the winner’s circle ~ 286 days and also ended the year leading the PGA tourism in victories (6) and money ($10,508,163). He additionally won his very first tournament in Australia. He captured three tournaments in 2012 and five in 2013.

Sports shown selected Woods together the 1996 and 2000 Sportsman of the Year, the an initial to success the award more than once. L’Equipe (France) selected him as the 2000 human being Champion the Champions. The associated Press decided Woods together the masculine Athlete of the Year for 1997, 1999 and 2000. He and Michael Jordan are the only athletes to win the award 3 times. That was favored ESPY masculine Athlete of the Year in 1997 (tied through Ken Griffey, Jr.), 1999, 2000 and also 2001. The starting members of the human being Sports Academy, in voting because that the Laureus sports Awards, additionally selected him together the 1999 and 2000 human being Sportsman that the Year. In 2008 Businessweek make Woods No. 1 in The strength 100 because that the most influential people in sports. In 2009 he to be selected AP Athlete that the Decade. Woods obtained 56 that 142 votes actors by AP editors throughout the country. He was additionally inducted into the Stanford Athletics hall of Fame.

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Woods was selected as the 1997, 1999, 2000-2003, 2005-2007, 2009, 2013 Player that the Year by the PGA tourism (Jack Nicklaus Award) and also the PGA the America and also by the Golf writers Association that America in 1997, 1999, 2000-2003, 2005-2007, 2009. His adjusted scoring median averages in 2000 and also 2007 that 67.79 strokes were the lowest ever and earned the the Byron Nelson compensation on the PGA TOUR and also the Vardon Trophy from the PGA the America. He also had an really scoring average in 2000 that 68.17, break Nelson’s document of 68.33 in 1945.