Oprah Winfrey’s very anticipated interview with Prince Harry and also Meghan Markle is continue this Sunday, and it’s elevating all kinds of questions about Queen Elizabeth’s family.

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As the this second, that seems favor things between Queen Elizabeth and the Duke and also Duchess of Sussex space strained. In an early clip from the interview that was released, Oprah asks Meghan just how she feels around the palace hearing her “speak her truth.”

Meghan’s an answer was nice telling: "I don"t know how they might expect that, after every one of this time, we would still simply be quiet if there is one active role that The certain is play in perpetuating falsehoods about us."

(ICYMI: ‘The Firm’ is a term that the royal household uses to explain itself. Follow to Kitty Kelley, writer of The Royals, Prince Philip coined the term ages ago.)

Meghan likewise implied the she’s no afraid to acquire into part intense stuff in the interview. "If that comes with risk of losing things, ns mean... There is a lot of that has actually been shed already,” she said.

In a previous clip released from the interview, Oprah states that what the pair went v while lock were functioning members that the working household was "almost unsurvivable.” She also asked at one point, “were you quiet or to be you silenced?"

The clips came roughly the exact same time as royal aides told The Times that Meghan faced a bullying complaint when she was at Kensington Palace. Follow to the report, Meghan drove two staffers come quit, while an additional was terrified the her.

Buckingham palace released a statement ~ the report, saying that it was “clearly very concerned about allegations in the Times" and also that its human being resources team would certainly investigate. "The Royal household has had a Dignity at work policy in place for a number of years and does not and also will no tolerate bullying or harassment in the workplace,” the explain said.

Meghan and also Harry have actually denied the claims, v a spokesperson because that the pair telling People that Meghan is “saddened through this latest assault on she character, specifically as someone who has been the target the bullying herself and is deeply committed to sustaining those who have actually experienced pain and also trauma.”

Apparently Meghan and Harry aren’t the only members that the royal household who have less-than-ideal relationships with the queen.

Take the strained mother-son dynamics that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, which is front and center in season four of The Crown together the present portrays Charles" marital relationship to Princess Diana.

Since The Crown premiered top top Netflix in 2016, non-royal viewers have been offered a peek into all the strategizing and negotiations that go on within the wall surfaces of Buckingham Palace. In 2019, the 3rd season of the drama go deep into the relationships in between Queen Elizabeth and her four children.

Here"s every little thing you must know around Queen Elizabeth"s children and also her relationship with lock IRL:

Queen Elizabeth’s first son: Charles, Prince of Wales


The Queen was simply 22 as soon as she provided birth come husband Prince Philip’s very first son and also heir to the throne, Charles. He to be born ~ above November 14, 1948, which expected he was just 3 year old when his mother ascended the throne, according to the BBC.

Prince Charles came to be the longest-serving heir obvious in 2011 (surpassing the previous document of 59 years, two months and also 13 days, collection by his great-great-grandfather, King Edward VII). Because that those maintaining track in ~ home, Queen Elizabeth has actually reigned for more than 6 decades—and she’s tho got it. (Sorry, Charlie.)

While most kids were practicing multiplication at age 9, Prince Charles to be busy becoming Prince the Wales and Earl the Chester. Charles didn’t to visit Eton college (a boys’ boarding school started by King Henry VI) like most British royals. Instead, he visited Prince Philip’s alma mater, Gordonstoun, in Scotland, after carrying from Cheam School. The didn’t have the most basic time at boarding school, especially with his royal blood, every Vanity Fair.

After secondary school, Charles checked out Trinity College, whereby he ended up being the an initial royal heir obvious to gain a degree, according to Times higher Education. He studied anthropology, archaeology, and background and even spent time researching at archaeological sites in France.

Charles offered in the imperial Air Force, wherein he trained as a jet pilot, according to his main bio. He likewise served in royal Navy, just like his father, grandfather, and both the his great-grandfathers.

Charles had a slew that girlfriends, including his now-wife, Camilla Parker Bowles and Davina Sheffield, a woman that was supposedly his "soulmate" however was understood unsuitable for a future through the prince since she wasn’t a virgin, per Marie Claire UK.

Take a rare look within the Queen"s facility relationship with her four children:

Once he to be done living the bachelor life, Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer, who was 13 years his junior. (You deserve to expect to check out their courtship and grand nuptials top top The Crown season 4.) The wedding came with much media attention, but Queen Elizabeth apparently wasn’t an especially fond of the well known princess, per many accounts. Princess Di and also Prince Charles divorced in 1996, simply a year before her death in 1997. Charles feeling pressured by his family members into marrying Diana, even though he was in love v Camilla at the time, according to Kitty Kelley’s book, The Royals.

Charles remarried in 2005 to Camilla, that is currently Duchess of Cornwall.


Queen Elizabeth and also Prince Charles accused weren’t close while he was farming up. The Queen left most of she parenting come the nannies, according to Prince Charles. In his 1994 authorized biography by Jonathan Dimbleby, Charles stated that it was "inevitably the nursery staff" who watched the young imperial take his first steps and taught him life lessons, every Town & Country.

But the heir noticeable was close v Queen Elizabeth’s mother, aptly title The Queen Mother, until she passed away in 2002. Speak at her funeral, Prince Charles said that his granny "meant everything" to him and also that he had "adored her" due to the fact that childhood.

Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter: Anne, Princess Royal


Unlike Prince Charles, Princess anne rejects the concept that Queen Elizabeth to be an uncaring mother. Sure, the nursery staff did several of the heavy lifting, but according to her, the Queen made certain to spend high quality time with her children. "I just don’t believe there is any kind of evidence whatsoever to suggest that she wasn’t caring. It’s simply beggars belief," Princess ann told the BBC in 2002. Anne and also Queen Elizabeth bonded over their love for horses, and also Anne ended up being the very first royal to participate in the Olympics, according to the organization"s website. Save an eye out for her competing on horseback in season four.

Anne also doesn’t shy away from her duties as Princess Royal. She "has one of the busiest working schedules of any kind of member the the imperial family," her official bio says. Odds are pretty high that wins her part props from she mom.

But, while ann is busy, she’s do it clear she doesn’t love the tradition of imperial walkabouts, and she’s to be pretty blunt about that. "I mean it gets easier but, can you imagine? i mean, how many world enjoy walking into a room full of world that you"ve never met before?" she said during BBC"s 2018 regime The Queen: Her commonwealth Story. "And then try a street. Ns don"t think countless youngsters would actually volunteer to do that."

There’s reason to think Queen Elizabeth didn’t completely approve of her daughter’s actions, particularly her divorce indigenous Captain mark Phillips, v whom she shared two children, Zara and also Peter, per The Telegraph. The divorce was finalized in 1992 after it was revealed Phillips fathered a child outside their marriage. (His paternity was evidenced in 1991.)


That offered the Princess imperial an out, so she married once-rumored love royal Navy Commanding Officer Timothy Laurence, per E! News. Now, Princess Anne functions with more than 300 charities, follow to the imperial Family"s official website, and makes approximately 500 appearances a year, Woman magazine reported.

In 2019, Princess anne made headlines for reportedly refusing to greet chairman Donald Trump and also then shrugging in response to a slim scolding indigenous the Queen throughout a Buckingham royal residence reception organized as component of a NATO summit in London in December 2019. Part U.S. Politicians perceived the event as public slight of the president, as reported by abc News, however that doesn"t appear to it is in the totality story.

According come CNN, the interaction between royal mother and also daughter had nothing to perform with Trump. Instead, the Queen to be looking to see who was next in heat to it is in greeted and the Princess" gesture and also remark should have been review as a humorous response of, "It"s just me..and this lot." no a part of the official welcoming party, Princess anne was actually just standing to the side and also waiting for visiting dignitaries to complete entering the agree first. So, there you have it.

Princess ann turned 70 in 2020, and to note the milestone ITV released a documentary about her life, per Tatler.

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Nearly 10 years separate Anne and also Prince Andrew, who was born February 19, 1960, once Queen Elizabeth was 33. As the 3rd child—but 2nd son—of Queen Elizabeth and also Prince Philip, Prince Andrew is eighth in line to the crown, straight behind Archie Mountbatten-Windsor (a.k.a. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle"s son). Prince Andrew’s enlarge brother and sister to be born prior to the Queen’s ascension, making the the very first child born to a sitting monarch in 103 years, follow to Biography.

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By the moment Prince Andrew was born, Queen Elizabeth had actually reigned for eight years. That made her much more comfortable in she role, therefore she became a an ext hands-on mother, every Robert Lacey"s biography of the queen, Monarch: The Life and Reign that Elizabeth II. The Queen also spent time "cycling and chasing" her younger youngsters through Buckingham Palace.

Andrew has been wrapped increase in number of scandals end the years, starting with his almost-marriage to actress Koo distinct in the 1980s. (Koo later on won a libel suit versus Viacom for being described as a porn star by the media, every the Press Gazette.) The prince was presented to his future wife, sarah Ferguson, through Princess Diana, according to Hello!. The couple wed in 1986, and also they had actually two children prior to divorcing in 1996 (which, prefer her various other children"s divorces, most likely didn"t you re welcome the Queen).

But the biggest scandal the Prince Andrew’s imperial career is happening appropriate now. Follow to the BBC, in 1999, Andrew began palling roughly with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who passed away by self-destruction in prison previously this year.

Beyond that, one woman, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, has accused Prince Andrew the sexually abusing her when she was presented to that via Epstein at period 17, People reported. Buckingham Palace has formally claimed that those allegations room false, yet this story is at this time ongoing. Many recently, the imperial Philharmonic Orchestra severed ties with Prince Andrew, and also he to be asked to relocate his office the end of Buckingham Palace, CNBC reports.

It’s vital to note that, in November 2019, Prince Andrew "stepped earlier from his publicly duties for the foreseeable future," according to his main bio.