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The average human being lifespan is just under 80 years, however some pets live much longer. Greenland sharks, bowhead whales, koi, red sea urchins, may all live hundreds of years. A form of clam called the ocean quahog has been well-known to live much more than 500 years!

Certain tortoise are particularly long-lived together well. How long do turtles live? probably you have the right to remember like the sea turtle‘s prize in Disney’s Finding Nemo: “Hundred and fifty, dude, and also still young. Rock on!”

Crush was best – plenty of turtles and tortoises deserve to live to be fine over 150 year old. Let’s explore some of the world longest-lived turtle species and record-breaking individuals.

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How long Do turtle Live?

According to the tortoise Conservation Society, many turtle varieties live indigenous 10 to 80 years. However sea tortoise and large land tortoises deserve to live come be much older. Their lifespan deserve to be 150 years or more.

As v whales, sharks, and other species, that is often an overwhelming to determine a turtle’s exact age. After ~ all, researchers are not usually current when the animals are born. Some have actually estimated, however, that big turtles may be able to live 400 come 500 years!

Meet the World’s earliest Turtles

Jonathan the Seychelles gigantic tortoise is currently the oldest known land pet in the world. Satisfy Jonathan and also some of his precursors as you consider the complying with list of several of the longest-lived floor turtles that have actually existed in recent decades. Notice, too, the all periods are approximated or also contested. The approximates are made based on scientific studies and also historical records.

#5. Harriet the huge Galapagos soil Tortoise

Harriet (c. 1830 – June 23, 2006) to be a Galápagos tortoise (Geochelone elephantopus porteri) who had an estimated age of 175 years at the time of her fatality in Australia. 

Age: 175 (estimated)Sex: FemaleSize: 150 kgSpecies: giant Galapagos land tortoise, Chelonoidis nigerBirth: Galapagos Islands, circa 1830Where it lived: Australia

Harriet captivated animal lovers for more than a century in Australia, and for two years as a residents of Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia. She was regularly seen top top The Crocodile Hunter tv series. Prior to her fatality in 2006, Harriet to be the earliest known animal in the people (invertebrates and also vertebrates with surmised however unconfirmed eras were no counted). She had been called the “oldest life chelonian” by the Guinness book of world Records.

Where go Harriet come from? Naturalist Charles Darwin built up the tortoise during an exploration to the Galapagos archipelago in 1835 – specifics the island the Santa Cruz. In ~ the time, she was around the size of a dinner plate, and it was estimated that she must have actually hatched roughly 1830. She to be taken very first to England, then arrived in Australia in 1842. She live at the Brisbane factory Gardens for much more than 100 years before being transferred to Fleay’s Fauna Sanctuary and also then Australia Zoo. Follow to the Australia Zoo, “DNA experimentation definitively proved that Harriet to be at least one generation larger than any type of existing tortoise in Australia.”

#4. Jonathan the Seychelles large Tortoise

Jonathan, a Seychelles gigantic tortoise, and also possibly the oldest pet alive, ~ above the grounds the Plantation residence on St Helena.

Age: 189 (estimated)Sex: MaleSize: 48 inch longSpecies: Seychelles huge tortoise, Aldabrachelys gigantea hololissaBirth: Seychelles, circa 1832Where the lives: Saint Helena

Jonathan the Seychelles gigantic tortoise, a subspecies that the Aldabra huge tortoise, was born an estimated two years after Harriet. Adhering to her death, he ended up being the oldest known living soil animal.

Jonathan was accumulated from the Seychelles, a group of islands in the Indian Ocean and also off the coastline of Africa, in 1882. He was lugged to Saint Helena, an island in the Pacific Ocean, wherein he has resided ever since.

Jonathan was described as “fully mature” in 1882. Because these tortoises reach maturity at 50 year of age, it is approximated that he flower no later on than 1832. That could, however, be some years older.

As the April 2021, Jonathan was reported as being alive and also well.

#3. Tu’i Malila the Radiated Tortoise

Age: 189Sex: FemaleSize: 16.25 customs long, 13 inch wide, 9.5 customs tallSpecies: Radiated tortoise, Astrochelys radiataBirth: Madagascar, circa 1777Where it lived: Tonga

Tu’i Malila was claimed to have actually been gathered from Madagascar, a large island turn off the coast of Africa, by the British traveler James cook in 1777. She to be later given to the royal family members of the island that Tonga in the Pacific.

Tu’i Malila is the “all-time verified record holder because that the world’s earliest tortoise,” according to Guinness world Records, yet this record may soon be gone beyond by Jonathan. Tu’i Malila passed away in 1966, but you can still view her kept body in the Royal palace of Tonga today.

#2. Adwaita the Aldabra huge Tortoise

Age: 255 (unverified)Sex: MaleSize: 551 lbsSpecies: Aldabra giant tortoise, Aldabrachelys giganteaBirth: Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles, circa 1750Where it lived: Kolkata, India

It is stated that Adwaita arrived in India in 1757, life at a early american estate till being moved to the Alipore Zoo in 1875. Adwaita lived at the Alipore Zoological Gardens in Kolkata, India, until his death in 2006.

You’ll an alert that Adwaita passed away in the very same year as Harriet, but his birth was approximated to have actually been 82 year earlier. Why was Harriet, and not Adwaita, taken into consideration the earliest living land pet at that time? The story of Adwaita’s beginnings are thought about anecdotal and have not been confirmed, whereas Harriet’s collection and travels were well documented. Some investigators location Adwaita in ~ the ripe old age of 150 at the time of his death.

#1. Alagba the afri spur-thighed tortoise

The tortoise, named Alagba, an interpretation elderly one, lived in the palace of Ogbomoso in Oyo state in Nigeria till the reported period of 344.

Age: 344 (contested)Sex: FemaleSize: 20 inches, 90 lbs (average)Species: afri spur-thighed tortoise, Geochelone sulcataBirth: Africa, date unconfirmedWhere the lived: Nigeria

In 2019, a Nigerian royal palace “announced that its resides tortoise… died following a short illness, saying it was a exceptional 344 years old,” follow to the BBC.

The tortoise, believed by part to own healing powers, was said to have actually been brought to the palace by i am one Okumoyede, whose rule lasted from 1770 to 1797. This would typical that Alagba would have actually been end 100 year old when carried to the palace.

Many experts think about this period unlikely, together this tortoise species typically have actually a expectation of 80 come 100 years. It has actually been said that the surname Alagba has actually been given to much more than one tortoise over the years, instead of the previous at the death.

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faqs (Frequently asked Questions) 

How Long have the right to a giant Tortoise Live?

Harriet the Galapagos gigantic tortoise lived to be 175, and also Jonathan the Aldabra Seychelles gigantic tortoise had actually reached the period of 189 at the time of publication.

Who was Lonesome George, and also Where Is he Now?

Lonesome George was a masculine Pinta Island tortoise (Chelonoidis abingdonii). He was the last well-known individual of his species, often referred to as “the rarest biology in the world.”

After his island home was devasted by one invasive species, George was relocated to another Galapagos Island, Santa Cruz, in 1971. The is approximated to have actually hatched circa 1910, make him roughly 101 or 102 year old as soon as he died in 2012. His body was preserved and he stays on display screen at Galapagos national Park.

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How Old Is the earliest Galapagos Turtle now Living?

The exact period of many wild Galapagos turtles is unknown. A mrs Fernandina giant tortoise living at the breeding center on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos is estimated to be an ext than 100 year old.

Interestingly, the Fernandina huge tortoise was believed to have been extinction for much more than a century. The last well-known individual was seen in 1906. Then, the Fernandina mrs was uncovered in 2019, 115 year later!