Most of the cast of Jersey coast today. Pic Credit: MTV

Way back in 2009, the world was blessed with the classic reality show Jersey Shore.

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At the time, the display followed a group of 20-somethings together they lived, worked, and partied in Seaside, brand-new Jersey.

When the present started, Pauly DelVecchio (DJ Pauly D) was the eldest actors member in ~ 29. Beanie Guadagnino and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, both born in November of 1987, to be the youngest at 21.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was 27, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jenni “JWoww” Farley were 23, and also Samantha Giancola to be 22.

Angelina Pivarnick only showed up in the an initial two seasons of the display when she to be 23. She was changed by Deena Cortese in the third season, that was 22 at the time.

So how old room they now?

More 보다 10 year after the premiere of the show, every one of the cast members room well into their thirties.

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Angelina, Sam, and Deena room 33, Nicole and also Vinny room 32, and Jenni and also Ron room 34,

Pauly will certainly celebrate his 40th birthday on July 5, the day after Mike Sorrentino turns 38.

The actors hasn’t just gotten older — they’ve additionally grown up. Most of them are now parents.

Jenni has two children, eras 5 and also 3; Nicole has actually three kids, who are 7, 5, and also 9 months; Deena’s son CJ is 1; Pauly’s daughter Amabella is 6; Ron’s daughter will rotate 2 in two weeks.

Most of the actors members have acquired married, and Sam is engaged.

Ron has a tumultuous, on and also off relationship with infant mama Jen Harley. Just Vinny and Pauly space still solitary — and also they appeared on a reality show, twin Shot in ~ Love, to find a woman (or two).

They’ve moved on in their careers

Although we can see plenty of of the Jersey coast roommates on family Vacation, the present doesn’t sheathe all the they’ve to be up to.

Pauly D has found quite a bit of success together a DJ and also regularly performs in ras Vegas and also Atlantic City. He likewise tours regularly and has starred in several reality shows due to the fact that Jersey Shore

Vinny has actually written a cookbook, starred in ~ Chippendale’s in las Vegas, and also hosted a food preparation show, Vinny and Ma Eat America, with his mom.

Mike had actually a turbulent go the it because that a while, however after his relax from prison, he started a podcast with his wife, Lauren.

He also runs an digital store and also helps out at assorted drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics. Due to the fact that he’s gotten sober, he’s really improved his life. He is, in his words, “living his ideal life.”

Ronnie has dabbled in the civilization of society media influencing, and he safety a most his time increasing his daughter, Ariana Sky.

Nicole is probably the busiest Jersey coast OG. She has actually a podcast, YouTube Channel, retail store, and also Etsy shop. She held MTV’s display How far is Tattoo Far?, and she showed up on Celebrity Apprentice.

Nicole’s finest friend Jenni has actually starred through her on many reality shows, and additionally has a YouTube Channel. Jenni additionally released a line of tan products, a throwback come the work of GTL.

Sam and Deena have mostly stepped out of the spotlight. Deena focuses on raising her young son. Sam. Favor her ex Ron, she sometimes dabbles in society media influencing, and also she likewise runs a YouTube channel.

Angelina’s had actually probably the many varied job of the former cast members. She tried for a music job in 2011, operated as a bartender, and also even registered in brand-new York together an EMT.

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The cast is now all get an impressive up, and we have the right to still follow their adventures every Jerzday on household Vacation.