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"Grease." great Pictures/Fotos International/Getty pictures In fact, manager Randal Kleiser said Vanity same he had to do a "crow"s-feet" test to make certain none the the actors looked too old for the part.

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"I would gain up close come them and see if castle had any kind of crow"s-feet about their eyes, and that would present they were past the surreal period that us had established would work," he told Vanity same in 2016. "High-school kids could not have crow"s-feet."

Keep analysis to watch each "Grease" star"s really age compared to the of their on-screen character.

man Travolta as Danny Zuko in "Grease." CBS via Getty pictures

The movie "Grease" is based upon a 1971 music of the very same name. It focuses on the connection of American high institution student Danny Zuko and also Australian vacationer Sandy Olsson, who autumn in love throughout the summer but fear lock won"t see each various other again.

But Sandy"s parents decide not to go back to Australia and she enrolls at Rydell High, wherein Danny is the leader of the T-Birds greaser gang. After establish they now attend the same school, Danny proves his "coolness" by making fun of her in front of his friends, Sandy join the Pink Ladies, and the two play a game of cat and mouse until ultimately confessing their mutual love because that one another.

man Travolta in 1978. Ron Galella/Ron Galella repertoire via Getty pictures

Although Sandy speak the Pink Ladies during "Summer Nights" the Danny "was sweet, simply turned 18," Travolta is older 보다 his personality by a couple of years.

However, Travolta — who had currently starred in "Saturday Night Fever" when "Grease" came out — was still younger than few of his castmates.

Olivia Newton-John together Sandy Olsen in "Grease." CBS via Getty images

After Danny messes things up, Sandy spends some time with the jock Tom but eventually realizes Danny is the one the she wants. In ~ the finish of the film, she dresses as a female T-Bird to victory him back.

Olivia Newton-John in 1978. Patrick Riviere/Getty images

The British-Australian singer-songwriter was much more than 10 year older 보다 her personality while filming "Grease."

When Newton-John was actors for "Grease," she had practically no exhilaration experience yet was currently a bona fide pop star, with 5 No. 1 access time on the Billboard warm 100.

Betty Rizzo. CBS via Getty images

Rizzo spends most of the movie acting together the challenging leader of the mrs greaser gang. Yet when a rumor around her pregnancy scare starts to circulate v the halls the Rydell High School, she realizes she isn"t as hard as she acts.

Stockard Channing posing for a portrait in 1978. archive Photos/Moviepix/Getty pictures

That"s right, Channing to be almost twin the period of she "Grease" character. Follow to Vanity Fair, the 33-year-old actress "was the earliest of the principal actors cast."

Two year after the movie to be released, she go on come star in her own sitcom, "The Stockard Channing Show."

Jeff Conaway together Kenickie in "Grease." CBS via Getty photos

Kenickie is Rizzo"s love interest and is likewise the owner of the Greased Lightnin" car that Danny provides in the traction race versus Leo, the leader that the T-Birds" rival gang, the Scorpions.

Jeff Conaway in 1978. Jim Britt/Walt Disney television via Getty photos

When Conaway starred in the Broadway rendition the "Grease" in the at an early stage "70s, that was much closer to the period Rydell High institution students would have actually been. However at 26, Conaway i graduated high school years prior to his on-screen character did.

Conaway died in 2011 in ~ the period of 60.

Marty Maraschino. CBS via

Marty spends the majority of the movie trying come act more mature than her other high institution classmates and also does so by flirting v older men, most notably Vince Fontaine, the organize of Rydell"s televised institution dance.

Dinah Manoff. Michael Ochs Archives/Getty pictures

Manoff was just older 보다 Marty by four years, make her among the actors closest in period to their personalities in "Grease." the was she film debut.

Sonny LaTierri. CBS via Getty

Sonny is equal components cocky and stubborn. He"s likewise a bit of a cheater – the spikes the punch at the college dance and doesn"t hold ago when making fun of the Pink Ladies.

Michael Tucci ~ above "People's Court" in 1980. ABC photograph Archives

Michael Tucci was much more than 10 year older 보다 his character and older than all of his co-stars except Stockard Channing, who was 33.

Following his duty in "Grease," Tucci appeared in lot of TV shows throughout the "80s and "90s consisting of "People"s Court," "Diagnosis: Murder," and "The file Chase."

Frenchy. CBS via Getty photos

With just a few days left until graduation from Rydell High School, Frenchy drops the end to enroll in beauty school and also accidentally dyes she hair pink. She most renowned scene is arguably as soon as Frankie Avalon shows up as she guardian angel and sings "Beauty school Dropout," which, paired with her pink hair, persuades she to go back to Rydell.

Didi Conn in 1978. Walt Disney television via Getty images

Conn had appeared in multiple TV shows and also movies prior to hitting it large with "Grease."

Doody (left) of the T-Birds. CBS via Getty photos

Doody is the T-Birds" comedic relief. During the movie, he end up v Frenchy and, based upon her scrapbook, obtained his nickname because that supposedly looking prefer the TV-famous puppet Howdy Doody.

Barry Pearl in 2018 in ~ a 40th-anniversary screening of "Grease." Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty i

Prior to his stint together Doody, Pearl played Sonny in the 1973 music tour, according to Lancaster Online.

Jan. CBS via Getty photos

Jan rocked part iconic pigtails that assisted convince audience members that she to be a high institution student.

Jamie Donnelly in 2002. Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Getty pictures

Donnelly told world in 1998 the she had actually to dye her prematurely gray hair come look the component of a high schooler.

The 17- or 18-year-old Putzie famously hits Kenickie in the head with his auto door front of the T-Birds' traction race through the Scorpions.

Putzie. CBS via

Putzie is a little bit clumsier and less cool than the other T-Birds. He famously states that jan is a "cheap date," but she in which method takes it together a compliment and their connection grows transparent the film.

Kelly Ward in 2018. Bobby Bank/Getty photos

Ward was just two or 3 years older 보다 his character, making because that the many realistic portrayal the a high institution student amongst the key cast.

Leo in his car. CBS via Getty im

Leo wasn"t a Rydell student so he one of two people attended St. Bernadette"s through his girlfriend, Cha-Cha, or to be a dropout.

Dennis Stewart together Leo and also Annette Charles together Cha-Cha in "Grease." CBS via Getty

Stewart was an ext than a decade older 보다 his "Grease" character. In enhancement to starring in "Grease 2" in 1982, he appeared in plenty of TV series through the early on "90s.

Stewart died from complications from AIDS in 1994 in ~ the age of 46.

Cha-Cha DiGregorio. CBS via Getty pictures

Cha-Cha is a college student at a various school in town, St. Bernadette"s. She says in the movie, "They call me Cha-Cha due to the fact that I"m the ideal dancer at St. Bernadette"s."

Annette Charles in 1982. Michael Ochs Archives/Getty photos

Following her duty in "Grease" and a string of TV appearances in the "70s and also "80s, the actress went back to institution as Annette Cardona. She earned a bachelor"s degree in psychology and theater native Antioch college Los Angeles and a master"s level in social work from brand-new York University, follow to California State University, Northridge, wherein she was a professor.

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Cardona died in 2011 in ~ the age of 63.

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