From 2008 come 2012, the Twilight franchise basically conquered the movie industry, and also it was difficult to prevent the masses of screaming fans and also success that complied with the films. The very first movie grossed much more than $400 million, which was a an excellent indicator that the franchise to be going to it is in huge. During spreading for the Twilight films, gibbs Taylor Lautner how amazing wasn"t a shoo-in for the function of Jacob Black. But as we know, the snagged it, which shooting him to almost-instant stardom. 

It seems favor from that minute on, Lautner"s whole career revolved roughly Jacob Black and also the love triangle v Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). Living as much as a function like that is a high order, so Lautner"s trip post-Twilight has actually been difficult at times, and also while he"s regulated to land several roles since 2012, he sort of disappeared from the spotlight. For this reason what is Jaco– we mean, Taylor up to now? Let"s uncover out.

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Sometimes, the an initial big function of one actor"s job is what specifies them, such as Daniel Radcliffe with harry Potter, but Lautner actually had actually several functions prior to Twilight.

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His an initial acting gig was together Kismet in the 2001 action/sci-fi movie Shadow Fury. The didn"t get the best reviews, per Rotten Tomatoes, however it landing 9-year-old Lautner ~ above the map together a child actor.

From climate on, the scored tiny roles on TV series such as The Bernie Mac Show and Danny Phantom. When he to be 13 year old, the was cast as Sharkboy in The Adventures of Sharkboy and also Lavagirl 3-D, together Taylor Dooley. It wasn"t till he was 16 years old that he snagged the role of black in the an initial Twilight film. And, as E! Online reported, also though there was part doubt about whether he would certainly be recast after ~ the very first movie provided the character"s physics development, he endured a grueling training routine to prove self worthy. The remainder is history.

Unfortunately, Taylor Lautner"s success indigenous Twilight has been a bit of a blessing and also a curse. Although the made a name for himself by being such a mainstay in the series, that was challenging for Lautner to obtain work after the critical movie, The Twilight Saga: breaking Dawn – part 2 (Showbiz Cheat Sheet).

Since 2012, Lautner has had only six various other roles, whereas various other members of the Twilight cast, such as Stewart and Pattinson, haven"t challenged many issues moving on from the franchise. Lautner"s string of so-so roles includes cam in Tracers, Lil Pete in The ridiculous 6, Reymund Hightower in Run the Tide, Dr. Cassidy Cascade top top Scream Queens, and Dale on Cuckoo. His first semi-breakout duty happened between Twilight movies as Nathan in Abduction, which, follow to E! Online, should"ve to be a success however wasn"t. In fact, there was a lot riding top top the success of this movie due to the fact that John Singleton, well-known for his joining in movies such as Shaft, Boyz n the Hood, and Four Brothers, was onboard. Unfortunately, Abduction just grossed $82 million worldwide.

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It"s been three years since Taylor Lautner was last on-screen, and, of course, over there are countless theories about why his career seemingly disappeared right into thin air. One reason could be that his head got a tiny too huge after Twilight and also he started demanding major paychecks for upcoming roles. Due to the fact that Abduction didn"t execute so well and his other lead roles dried up, his huge role options were limited, per The Hollywood Reporter.

In 2020, We have the right to Be Heroes, a sequel of sorts come Sharkboy and also Lavagirl, was released as a Netflix Original and also directed by Robert Rodriguez. Every The Sun, Rodriguez approached Lautner about having a small role, but Lautner eventually turned the down.

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The Sun also reported the in interviews, Lautner has actually mentioned that he hasn"t quit acting but has likewise made it apparent that he has actually other sources of happiness. According to his personal Instagram account, he"s in a committed relationship with Tay Dome, a registered nurse and social media influencer.