Jackie Stallone, the vivid mother of gibbs Sylvester Stallone, celebrity astrologer and women"s experienced wrestling manager, died Monday. She was 98.

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Musician son Frank Stallone announced his mother"s fatality on Instagram Monday night, speak she had actually "died in her sleep as she had wished."

"This morning mine brothers and I lost our mom Jackie Stallone," that wrote listed below a picture gallery the his mother"s life. "She was a amazing woman, functioning out everyday, full of spunk and fearless. The was hard not to prefer her, she was (a) very eccentric and also flamboyant person."

"Mama Stallone," together she to be called, to be the mommy of "Rocky" star Sylvester, 75, Grammy-nominated musician Frank, 70 (from her very first marriage to Frank Stallone Sr.) and also late actress Toni D"Alto (from Stallone"s second marital relationship to Anthony Filiti) who died in 2012 at 48.

Born Jacqueline Labofish ~ above November 29, 1921 in Washington D.C., she asserted to have started her to chat career as an aerialist v the Flying Wallendas act in the Ringling Bros. And also Barnum & Bailey"s Circus.

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Stallone to be the first woman to have actually a everyday TV present on exercise and also weight lifting in Washington, D.C., and later opened up a gym for women, Barbella"s. She was a vital promoter and manager with "GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" for five years, starting in 1986.

"Oh my heart broke hearing of the passing of #JackieStallone. 98 year young and also was quiet doing Pilates as soon as we critical spoke," former GLOW wrestler Angelina Altishin, aka "Little Egypt," wrote on Twitter. "What a fire she would lite within me every time we connected. She wasn"t simply the mother of 
TheSlyStallone she to be our great girl manager in #glow."

Stallone arised as a celebrity astrologer in the mid-1990s, setting up a TV psychic hotline. She described herself as "the foremost American rumpologist." follow to her website, the exercise is "sometimes called butt reading in modern parlance. That is the arts of analysis the lines, crevices, dimples, and also folds that the buttocks to magnificent the individual"s character."

Stallone made a splash together the 2005 surprised guest ~ above the british TV collection "Celebrity big Brother." The straight-talking Stallone was lugged onto the display to communicate with fellow contestant and also former daughter-in-law Brigitte Nielsen, v whom she notoriously argued. Nielsen was married to Sylvester Stallone from 1985-1987. 

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